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  Dino and Brown Teddy and I really enjoy drawing and colouring, and I am putting Dino's favourite pictures here as colouring pages. We have made a start using our photos of our friends from Reptile Events.

Dino is especially keen to have some dinosaur colouring pictures, especially after visiting the Dino-Mites exhibition at Stockwood Park in Luton, so we are going to work on that. You can see photos of the dinosaurs in my diary entry for 20 May 2012.

Yellow Teddy using Bamboo drawing tablet
Whenever Dino wants a picture to colour, I do my best to draw one for him. I like to draw or trace the picture with a real pen or pencil on real paper and then scan it. After that I can tidy it up on the computer and make a smart version with smooth lines. I have been practising on my new drawing tablet which is called a Bamboo. It reminds me of when we used to grow bamboo plants in our garden and cut the thin canes to make drawing sticks. We cut the end into a nib and used it as a dip pen, either in ink or paint. We had to dig the bamboo plants out eventually, but I still have some bundles of the canes at the back of my drawing cupboard! It is really easy to get a good line on the drawing tablet.

Dino choosing pencils from the art cupboard
I like to encourage Dino to colour in on the screen, as he cannot possibly make any mess there. Sometimes he prefers to print it and colour in on the paper, on the table or the floor. Here he is choosing some pencils from the art cupboard. Whenever he starts, we all get interested and the room is very quiet while we are filling in the colours.

Here are our friends from Reptile Events stands that we have visited, and you can save the GIF drawings given below for colouring. There are more photos on their website showing what colour they all are and you can also download these same colouring pictures from their Children's Corner page.

I have also made the drawings into a miniature folding booklet. In the PDF are instructions on folding, then the booklet page, and all the drawings below, so you have them all in one place. But you might also want the individual GIFs to colour in on screen or print at different sizes.

Reptile Booklet & Colouring PDF 2 MB

Here I am using my special woodless pencils, where you just peel down the covering paper, and they can be blended with a wet paintbrush or damp tissue, which stops my thin paper getting too soggy, like it might do with paints.

Olive the Royal Python
Olive the Royal Python  Line drawing of Olive the Royal Python
Olive looks really heavy and I am sure she is enjoying the warmth from the handler's arm!

Citrine the Burmese Python
Citrine the Burmese Python  Line drawing of Citrine the Burmese Python
Citrine is very big and long, and was showing off to everyone, with some help from handler Lucas, but here she is having a rest in her box.

Dino filling in drawing of Citrine with Queen's Jubilee colours
Dino had the important job of testing every scale with the Infill Tool to make sure there were no colour leaks. He decided to give Citrine a Queen's Jubilee makeover!

Slinky the Berber Skink
Slinky the Berber Skink  Line drawing of Slinky the Berber Skink
Slinky shows up really well on a dark background. Once you have coloured the picture, you could cut round it and stick it to some dark paper.

Bruce the Bearded Dragon
Bruce the Bearded Dragon  Line drawing of Bruce the Bearded Dragon
Bruce is Slinky's best friend, and he is having a look around the stall table top. I think he is looking for dinners and not reptile souvenir toys!

Nutty the Leopard Gecko
  Line drawing of Nutty the Leopard Gecko
Nutty is Dino's favourite because of the interesting spotty patterns. Sadly Nutty died in August 2013 after a happy and comfortable life with the Reptile Events people.

Cobalt the Blue-Tongued Skink
  Line drawing of Cobalt the Blue-Tongued Skink
We met Cobalt in December 2014, where he was very good at sitting still, and watching what everyone was doing. He is more brown on top and lighter coloured underneath.

Dino filling in line drawing of Cobalt the Bllue-Tongued Skink
Dino says that Cobalt's tongue should be a really bright blue, and the eyes orange. The blue tongue is used to frighten off any attackers in the wild, but I don't think Cobalt will need to do that where he lives.

I think we will need mainly brown and yellow pencils. If you print several copies, you can do a practice version to test out which colours look best. If you print them on only half a page, you can make your own cards to send to people.

We have seen all these reptiles quite a lot by now and if you search the website for the word reptile skink snake or dragon you will find all the diary entries when we met them at different events.




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