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1 May 2009

Loyal and True coat of arms in Chatham
Day out to Gillingham, Chatham and Rochester. This coat of arms is on a bridge in Chatham and I like the words "Loyal and True" I expect everyone in Chatham is doing their best to live up to this.

Rochester Castle and funfair  Chair-O-Planes
Rochester Castle with funfair being made ready the festival over the Bank Holiday weekend. Chair-O-Planes have been around for a huge amount of years.

Favourite climbing rocks  Brown Teddy climbing
These are my favourite climbing rocks along the Esplanade, because there is not far to fall and only onto soft grass. Brown Teddy did his best and made it to the top of the ridge. We got up a good appetite for our sandwiches of soft quark cheese and sprouted mung beans. If you stick the mung beans into the cheese they don't fall out of the sandwich and you can make patterns before you eat it all!

7 May

Aduki sprouts on quark
I had a go at sprouted aduki beans on my quark rolls. Too much flavour for me, I will stick to the mung beans. Dino loves them of course because they are FOOD. Brown Teddy thought he probably liked them, but I think it was because they are brown, and he did take a very long time nibbling!

Sometimes there is the odd rock hard one that hasn't sprouted, which is not good for teeth! I always check them first the hard ones are still small and haven't swollen up.

We had some new fish in the pond today, donated from someone who had too many. They behaved very well and I will get a picture when they come to the surface in the better weather.


14 May

Yellow Teddy writing his name in shorthand
This is me writing my name in Shorthand. It says YELO TEDI. I have never seen this kind of writing before and I am liking it very much. I am going to get some more words and start a notebook to keep them in. Sometimes I sign my notes YelTed but this is even quicker.

17 May

Climbing ropes  Climbing wall  Climbing frames and slide
Day out to Stockwood Park in Luton. We looked round the Radio Rally Boot Sale, then ate our sandwiches in the car to the sound of pelting rain. The sun came out, and Brown Teddy and I checked out the new Discovery Centre in the park. Brown Teddy went on the spider web climbing ropes, and I had a go on the miniature climbing wall. There is a huge log climbing frame with slide and all the ground is soft with rubbery and bark bits.

Friendly lion  Conservatory  Woodpecker sculpture
This lion is so friendly-looking that Brown Teddy didn't mind him at all. There were two lions. I think I would like to build a conservatory like this and then I can sit in there with my puzzle books and eat vanilla yogurt, and I would enjoy watching the rain! The third picture is a large wooden sculpture of a woodpecker. I did not climb it, but someone helped me look through the hole.

Perfumed greenhouse  Banana plant
The perfume from all these flowers in the greenhouse was amazing, and I would very much like some scented soap like that! This is the first time I have seen a banana plant and it was in a long hot greenhouse against a sunny wall. No bananas on it too small!

Stockwood chickens  Movie Yellow Teddy and Stockwood Chickens
These chickens live in the Wartime Dig For Victory garden, that shows how town people were encouraged to provide food for themselves. The chickens are very friendly, they were talking  to me in chicken language all he time, but I think they could probably peck a bit hard!

Blackwall Tunnel Greenwich
We went home through Blackwall Tunnel which goes under the River Thames at Greenwich. It takes about two minutes to go through.


9 June

I saw one of my little froglets today under the bushes. He was hopping away from my gardening fork so I did not get a picture. He was about 2 cm long and exactly the same as a big frog. I am always careful when poking around the garden as frogs are the same colour as old leaves and lumps of soil.

Writing shorthand with a paintbrush
I started my Shorthand Page today and you can see it on the other website. I have been given this lovely paintbrush that holds water in the handle. I made up some pink painty water. You have to squeeze it to get more paint out, but it can get a bit blobby so you need a tissue nearby. The paint has to be very watery or you can just use plain water and dip it in the paint.

My page is on

14 June

Wested Lane road sign  Ted building
I like this road sign because I am Ted and I live in the West! Across the road is a building with my name on as well.

Pedham boot sale field
Here is Pedham boot sale where I spend my 50p sometimes. It is a very big field out in the countryside near Swanley. I like looking for treasures and interesting books. Some people get bored with their treasures and want to make some money to buy new ones. I always take an apple and bottle of water because it takes all morning to go round.


16 June

Yellow Teddy feeding bread to the goldfish
Sometimes I throw a big bit of bread in for the goldfish. They eat it really fast and there's never any left floating about. The usually get pellets. The netting is to keep the herons and cats away from my fish.

18 June

Sunflowers with sparrow
Here are some of my sunflowers. They are miniature ones, but they all look big to me. We put vaseline cream around the stems to stop the snails getting up. It mostly works unless we leave a gap by mistake. On the edge of the pot you can see a sparrow looking for crumbs. He gets a few but not all the time. I have seen my sparrows eating greenfly from the roses, so they do a good job. I think it's their version of sweets.

2 July

Danson Park stream and rocks  Danson Park woods for hide and seek and rock climbing
Day out to Danson Park in Bexleyheath. We parked the car by the playground where there was a water play area with jets of water squirting out of the ground and out of posts. It is a brilliant idea for a hot day because pools are not safe for very little children. First of all we went into the woody bit where I found a little stream with rocks you can step over. There are lots of bigger climbing rocks and places to play hide and seek.

There was a secret pond covered with duckweed. It looked like you could walk on it but you MOST DEFINITELY CAN'T! I thought this bird was walking on it but when I got closer he was on a log just under the water. When he got to the end of the log, he swam through the weed and made another stripe in the pattern.

Danson Lake sailing boats  Danson Lake
Danson Lake is quite big and there are sailing boats at one end. In the second picture you can see some tents which were being put up for a festival and fairground the next weekend.


16 July

The Never Give Up cherry tree  Brown Teddy in Mote Park sandpit
Day out at Mote Park in Maidstone. The "Never Give Up" cherry tree that I saw last time  (23 April) is still doing well and the new branches on the broken old trunk are growing as if nothing had happened. I like this tree because I never give up when there is a problem or a puzzle to solve. When I get the answer to something I always write it in my notebook.

Brown Teddy found some sand in a hole. There is a mini-putting green area with mown paths, and the sand holes are there to make the game harder. We prefer playing with the sand which was very dry and warm. The best thing to do with it is to sit on the edge and draw shapes with a stick. You can even play noughts and crosses in it.

Yellow Teddy admiring Mote Park lake  Safety ring
There is a big lake at Mote Park. The River Len fills it up and then the same river leaves the park at the other end. Here is the floating safety ring, and Brown Teddy says there should be some words in the middle, like "Throw this in to help people."

Model train track Mote Park  Road sign to Bearsted
There is a model train track with bridge. The trains run on Sunday afternoons, but we are always there on a different day!

Bearsted sounds like my kind of place. I hope they are keeping it all neat and tidy, and that they have a little tea shop with fresh cakes and orange drinks, and a village green with a water drinking fountain. Maybe we should go there and find out!


3 August

Teddy at Auntie Sheila's  Dino at Auntie Sheila's
We visited Auntie Sheila in Hassocks. Before we left home, we had very tiny breakfasts so that we would enjoy all the lovely plates of things that Auntie Sheila always makes. Auntie Ann had the job of feeding Dino because he was too excited to hold his ice cream spoon properly.

Dino showing Auntie Sheila his claws  Auntie Sheila's sundial
Auntie Sheila congratulated Dino on keeping his claws very clean and sharp. He didn't say much but I know he was secretly very pleased. In the garden we saw a sundial. The shadow was pointing to about 2 o'clock on the circle. I wonder if I could build one in my garden?

Newhaven little house on wheels  Newhaven dredging ship and scrap metal
We went on to Newhaven on the south coast. I saw this little house on wheels by the harbour side. It has a window with a flashing light for the ships. I am still wondering what is inside it. On the other side of the harbour we saw a dredging ship. We heard a big roaring sound and it was a lorry tipping some scrap metal onto those big piles.

Newhaven cliffs  Newhaven parachute
There are big chalk cliffs at Newhaven. We saw lots of people on parachutes, taking off from the grass on top of the cliff. Sometimes they floated back to the cliff top but some of them came down on the beach. One lady who was folding up her parachute on the beach said it was really great fun to be up with the seagulls.

Newhaven cliff hole  Newhaven Dino hunting for fossils in the cliffs
We found a cave hole near the bottom of the cliff. Dino had a good look for fossils. There was a row of stones and rocky bits sticking out of the chalk. How did they get there? There must be lots more hidden in the chalk.

Newhaven breakwater and lighthouse  Newhaven breakwater steps
There is a lighthouse at the end of the breakwater. The breakwater needs mending so you can't walk along it any more. Instead we sat at the top of the steps where the sun had made the concrete very warm. The journey home seemed quite short because we all fell asleep in the car.


11 August

Hastings steps  Hastings beach toy shop
Day out to the seaside at Hastings. We came down a huge number of steep steps to get to the town. I just love these beach toy shops. It takes a long time to choose the best colour. If you have a swirly pattern bucket, you get all the colours! The windmills are good because you can use them at home in the garden.

Hastings Old Town cottage donkey pargetting  Hastings The Beacon flag
This donkey picture was on the side of a very very old timber house. Putting patterns in the plaster is called pargetting and the date is nearly 170 years ago. All that time ago they might have used donkeys to carry things. The Beacon sign and flag was flying near the top of the hill. I live on top of a small hill but there is not enough wind to fly a flag. There is a real beacon on the other hill in Hastings, which is a very big wooden post with an iron basket on top to hold a bonfire.

Brown Teddy organising lunch  Dino eating Linseed Bread  Hastings Flamingo Park Speed Wave ride
Back to the car for lunch and Brown Teddy is making sure that everyone gets a piece of everything. Dino likes Linseed Bread we have to make quite a lot of extra sandwiches for Dino. Then we went back down some different steps to the old part of town and the seafront. We watched this Speed Wave ride but it was very giddy making. The people on it enjoyed making a noise. I hope their sandals were not loose!

Hastings Flamingo Park Yellow Teddy and teacups balloon ride    Hastings Flamingo Park Gallopers Carousel ride
I prefer these ones shaped like balloons and teacups, and they have nicer music! The galloping horses on the carousel are the best, they all have names.

Hastings RNLI Lifeboats shed - Sea Dogs drinking water  Hastings beach lifeguard  Hasting car park seagull on car roof
This dog drinking water is outside the big RNLI Lifeboats shed. On the bowl it says Sea Dogs, which is really a friendly word for an old sailor. Here is the lifeguard watching the sea very carefully in case swimmers need help. He never reads a book, he has to keep looking with his binoculars. The seagull is also watching very carefully for when people throw bits of sandwiches out of the cars.

Yellow Teddy and Hastings sealife noticeboard  Hastings dinosaurs noticeboard
This noticeboard tells you all about the fish in the sea at Hastings. Dino was absolutely delighted when he found the dinosaur noticeboard. It said that Iguanodon fossil footprints had been found in Hastings. Dino said he remembers good old Iggy very well, and that Iggy and his cousin Oggy are now living with some other teddies and a friendly family in another town. I wonder if they might write us a letter some time? We talked about Iggy and Oggy all the way home.


18 August

Leaning shop in Rochester High Street  Yellow Teddy and a lion statue on Rochester Bridge
Went went to Rochester. Look at this leaning shop, the camera was upright but the house timbers are very very old. The lions on the bridge look a bit fierce. I wonder if they growl when a car is going too fast? I think they must be made of iron and there is another one on the other side of the road. The town on the far side of the bridge is called Strood and next time we will walk over to see if there are more lions there.

Brown Teddy reading river noticeboard at Rochester  Dino looking out from Blue Bell Hill
Brown Teddy always reads the notices, even the long words. Well, who would want to swim in a muddy grey cold river anyway? It's not a good idea at all. We saw a cormorant in the river diving for food, so I think the notice is talking to people and teddies. On the way home we visited Blue Bell Hill. Dino wanted to stay for hours. His eyes are very good so he enjoyed seeing all the roads and villages. He said he thought there was a dinosaur in the quarry below but I think it was a big tree waving in the wind. Blue Bell Hill is one of my top favourite places.

Hay rolls in a field
Look at all these rolls of hay that we saw while driving home. They look small in the picture but really they are huge. I am glad the farm animals will have lots to eat in winter when the grass is not growing and it's snowy and cold. They will be in their cow and sheep sheds where it is a lot warmer. I would like to see the big tractor cutting the hay and making the rolls.


29 August

Yellow Teddy with rainbow
A rainbow coming from the living room mirror onto the hallway cupboard. They are always welcome but they don't stay very long. Fortunately we always have the photos of them to admire, especially if you have them on the computer screen in a dark room, when they can glow like they did when they were real.

Yellow Teddy with Conference pear  Yellow Teddy tallest sunflower
The pear tree is producing well. We had only one surviving pear last year, and this year there are six. This is the biggest. We ate one that had fallen. It was sweet but still very hard. I like making things and I like trees that make things especially food! This is the tallest sunflower we have this year. The others have flowered but this one kept growing up before opening the flower. It is facing the way the sun rises.



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