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1 May 2010

Workmen's zebra hut Orpington High Street
Well done to all the lads who have laid all the paving bricks in Orpington High Street. I think this must be where they keep their tools, but I would like to think of it as a rest room with sofa, footstool, kettle and biscuit tin.

3 May

Petts Wood May Fair toy stall  Petts Wood May Fair plant stall  Petts Wood May Fair rides
We visited Petts Wood May Fair. There were lots of toy and plant stalls and a mini funfair. I took my 50p as I always do.

Bees in glass case  Queen bee marked with green dot  Beehive
The Orpington Beekeepers club had a wonderful stall, with a glass cabinet full of bees. The queen bee is marked with a green spot, and there was a beehive on show. I bought a jar of real Orpington honey but I needed some help as 50p was not enough!

Snake from Beaver Water World
The Beaver Water World stand had some live snakes sleeping in their boxes. This is Calleigh a Californian King Snake. I think people forget that reptiles grow big unless of course it is a friendly dinosaur like our Dino! Here is the website of Beaver Water World who look after and find homes for rescued reptiles and you can visit them and their other animals in Westerham, Kent. I am glad to say that Calleigh and his friends found a new home and were just visiting for the day.

6 May

Polling station sign 
People having been voting today. I vote for oven chips, Brown Teddy votes for vegetarian sausages, Parrot votes for crusty apple pies, and Dino votes for chocolate oranges. I think that settles the matter very well!

Lawn daisies  Turf rolls

Someone admiring my lawn said it was a carpet of daisies. We love our daisies and we mow round them leaving islands of daisies, until they get too long. I was really amazed to see you can buy lawns rolled up like carpets! This is new to me, probably because our our lawn was put down a long time ago, before my time. I am going to have some daisies in pots this year so that I always have some even after mowing. I am going to dig out some of the pinky ones because they are extra special.

14 May

Yellow Teddy recycling paper  Recycle mural at Bexleyheath
We had a huge bag of paper to recycle, but fortunately the bin had lots of room. Then we went on to shop at Bexleyheath. This wall near the big supermarket is very eye-catching and I wish I could have been there when they were painting it.

Bricklayers Arms being reroofed
This Bricklayers Arms is being reroofed and I think all the tilers are inside for their lunch break. Maybe it should be renamed the Rooftilers Arms!

Concrete lump
Dino wanted this picture taken because it looks like a creamy ice lolly dipped in crushed hazelnuts. If he tries to eat this, he will end up with crushed teeth, but I think he's really just dreaming of visits to the ice cream freezer in the supermarket.

16 May

Yellow Teddy at boot fair  Candy floss stall
Another exciting time looking for bargains at the boot fair. This candy floss stall looks interesting. I might get something for Dino here, if he promises to clean his teeth straight afterwards.

18 May

This is Covet Wood near where I live, and it has a lot of old trees. Under here would be a very cosy place to shelter if it rained hard, as long as you had something dry to sit on. It's just the right size for me, Brown Teddy and Dino.

One of the trees was raining fluff on us. It looks very useful but the only thing you can do with it, according to Dino, is to line a nest with it and put your dinosaur eggs on it, then some more over the top to keep them warm.

23 May

Dino going through Dartford Tunnel  Luton Radio Rally
Our annual trip to Luton for the Radio Rally Boot Sale. We went through the Dartford Tunnel from Kent to Essex. Here are the bargain hunters having a rummage.

Luton Radio Rally colourful boxes  Luton Radio Rally more colourful boxes
We all liked these colourful stalls but we didn't know what the things were in the boxes. If they had been selling the coloured boxes and card, then we might have bought that!

Luton Radio Rally antique telephone  Snowdonia Radio Company banner at Luton Radio Rally
I wonder if anyone bought this antique telephone. Dino was the first to see the Snowdonia Radio Company stall because of the red Welsh dragons. They look fierce but Dino says that one look from a true dinosaur will quieten them down.

Aerial at Luton Radio Rally  Parrot checking the lunchbox
None of us could guess what this was, but we decided it must be an aerial that goes down like an umbrella. Parrot spent all morning wondering when we would have lunch. I think he did not eat enough breakfast! But I always take spare sandwiches for anyone who is starving mid-morning.

Discovery Centre Gardens Stockwood Park Luton  Dino giant hayfork Stockwood Park Luton
After our sandwiches, we went to the Discovery Centre Gardens. Here is a display of old gardening tools. Dino liked the hay fork because you can pick up a really big slice of cake with it, or lots of mashed potato, and not drop any.

Brown Teddy grotto Stockwood Park Luton  Horse at Stockwood Park Luton
This is a pretending grotto, but there was no stream or water in it. At the stables, Brown Teddy thought the brown horse was a very handsome colour. Sorry Dino, there are no orange coloured horses!

Parrot cactus Stockwood Park Luton  Yellow Teddy beehive Stockwood Park Luton
I am glad to say that Blue Parrot did NOT touch this very sharp cactus. There is a bees section and here I am inspecting the beehive or skep. There are lots of pictures and information, and real bee-keepers equipment to look at.

Bamboo arch Stockwood Park Luton  Yellow Teddy in bamboo arch shade Stockwood Park Luton   Chicken in the Dig For Victory garden Stockwood Park Luton
It was very hot in the greenhouses. I was glad to get out in the fresh air and under this lovely bamboo arch where it was a lot cooler. We visited the chickens in the Dig For Victory garden. I could not talk to them for very long because there were lots of children crowding around to see them.

Parrot with wooden bird Stockwood Park Luton  Wooden bird Stockwood Park Luton
Blue Parrot found this friend at the other end of the gardens, and was wondering when they were going to paint him. I think he looks very nice and soft just as he is with the wood grain stripy effect.

31 May

Boot fair Wrotham Kent
Here is Wrotham Hill boot fair in the north of Kent. It is not far from Brands Hatch Racing Circuit. The name is pronounced "Rootam" and comes from when pigs were kept in the woods and they rooted with their "wrots" (snouts) for acorns.

Martin's plants at Wrotham boot fair Kent  England flags at Wrotham boot fair
There are always lots of rows, and we always visit Martin's stall first to look at all his wonderful plants and get some new ones. Lots of people were selling England flags, to celebrate the football games.

Stripy play house
Opposite the field is a place that sells garden sheds. This playhouse is the best I have ever seen, and is just the right size for small Teds and a larger Dino to enjoy some sponge tea cakes and orange juice, sitting on a big bean bag. Even better if it was raining outside, because Dino would definitely have some extra spare cakes in a box somewhere.

4 June

Fruit barrow, The Pantiles, Tonbridge Wells, Kent 
Day out to Tunbridge Wells. This is a shop in The Pantiles part of town. If you bought some of these vegetables, it might spoil the arrangement, but I expect they have plenty more inside. I have never seen tomatoes such a bright red.

Shop windows bunnies Tonbridge Wells  Shop window tree made of white card, Tonbridge Wells
Everyone in Tunbridge Wells knows how to make a good shop window display. I am sure they all have notepads by their beds, so that they can write down their good ideas in the middle of the night. The right hand one is a tree made entirely of white card.

Shop window butterflies, Tonbridge Wells  Shop window fishes, Tonbridge Wells
More lovely displays. I think I like the fish one best because that is exactly what my goldfish do, all following each other in case the one at the front has seen something interesting.

Plaque on railway bridge, Tonbridge Wells, closeup  Plaque on railway bridge, Tonbridge Wells
A plaque on the railway bridge at the end of the High Street Do Well Doubt Not. So this is why all the shop window displays are so interesting and well done!

Monument in Tonbridge Castle grounds  River sign, Tonbridge
We also went to Tonbridge. Here is a carving of boat on a monument in Tonbridge Castle park, gliding up the river and going under an arched bridge. This sign was near a weir. I think you would see (and hear) the weir before you saw the notice! I hope this picture of a boat going over the edge has never happened to anyone.

Miniature railway, Tonbridge Castle grounds  Car park sign, Tonbridge
The miniature train track is being repaired and replaced, which means it will be there for a long time to come. Here is an interesting sign, I am thinking of the swimming pool water overflowing and all the cars having to move to another car park to stay dry and of course all the swimmers swimming back to their cars instead of walking!

15 June

Blue Parrot opening box  Yellow Teddy with new ink bottles
Blue Parrot always like to undo any parcels that come. I always say to him, you have to ask the person whose name is on the box whether you can open it now, and of course he is always allowed to. This was some bottles of really good fountain pen ink and I will be practising my handwriting in a special dark blue and a specially bright red ink. I could have got yellow ink as well but it would be a bit invisible on the paper!

19 June

Snail-eaten sunflower leaves  Copper tape round pots against snails
Look at what the snails did to the sunflower seedlings, they are getting very fat and I am not happy about it! This year we are keeping our sunflowers in big buckets and I am putting some sticky-backed copper tape around the bottom to keep the snails away. I hope it works because a few snail bites at the bottom of the stem makes the whole plant fall.

Dino clearing up the paper strips
Dino eventually managed to clear away all the backing strips, but he did what the blackbirds do with the bread, every time he picked up one more bit, he dropped one of what he already had.

23 June

I knew Dino would like this sunflower, and the snails can't eat it either! It's a spongy kneeling mat from Auntie Freda, who always has very good garden ideas, and thought of us while she was out shopping.

Brown Teddy with Handel rose 
Brown Teddy is pretending to be wearing a flamenco dress. It's called Handel but I wish it was called Flamenco Rose! The good thing about not being very tall is you can get right into the flowers and their smells. These are pinks and they are my very top favourite perfume.

25 June

These lions are in the windows at Christ Church, Chislehurst, Kent. Dino likes lions because he can give them tips on how to look very fierce. They look as if they have got the job of guarding the church and I think they will do a good job of it, especially as the big lion can fly. The eagle is Blue Parrot's favourite.

26 June

dragon chocolate
We enjoyed a lovely box of chocolates from Auntie Freda and Dino ate this one with the dragon on. I had to be really quick taking the picture before the chocolate disappeared.

27 June

Yellow Teddy admiring yellow sports car  Wrotham transmitter mast
This yellow sports car at the boot fair is just my style! Brilliant! This is the big transmitting mast at Wrotham where the boot fair is held. You can see it a long time before you actually arrive. Sometimes on wintry days the top disappears in mist.

30 June

Yellow Teddy solar butterfly light  Yellow Teddy solar ice cube lights
We keep this solar butterfly light outside the back door so we can look at it every night. We now have some new ones in the shape of ice cubes. They remind me of tealights floating in glasses. Altogether they are quite bright and I like to think of them when I am lying in bed waiting to fall asleep.

1 July

Duck and ducklings Prickend Pond Chislehurst  Ducklings Prickend Pond Chislehurst
Some ducklings on Prickend Pond, Chislehurst. We know they are used to being fed because they swam towards us straight away. Fortunately some other people arrived at the same time, with a big bag of bread for them.

6 July

Village sign, Chislehurst, Kent
This is Chislehurst village sign, showing Queen Elizabeth the First knighting Thomas Walsingham in 1592. A lot of the houses in Chislehurst and Petts Wood still have the same wooden stripey pattern like the ones in the background, so Elizabeth and Thomas would feel right at home today.

Frognal Corner road sign Frogpool sign Roses by the underpass
Frogs love living in Sidcup and Chislehurst! Frognal Corner is a roundabout near Sidcup in Kent. It is all big busy roads and we always take the bike along all winding paths through the underpasses and take pictures of the all the wild flowers.

7 July

Tile pictures Crittalls Corner underpass Sidcup - motorbike  Tile pictures Crittalls Corner underpass Sidcup - runner
These tile pictures are in the underpass at Crittalls Corner, Sidcup. There are other pictures of cars and lorries. You have to stand back a bit to be able to see what the pictures are. You could knit these on a jumper!

11 July

Sunflowers 1  Sunflowers 2  Wind vane with tails
The sunflower on the left is winning over the one on the right. We have put milk cartons round the bottom with the copper strip around. The sunflowers in the pots are even bigger. I am glad to report that no snails have managed to get across the copper and there are no bite holes in the leaves.

This wind vane goes round like a propellor and the tails make wonderful spiral patterns.

13 July

Coots nest, Orpington Priory pond  Crow, Orpington Priory gardens
Here is a coot's nest in Orpington Priory pond. I saw the coot making some of it, but I was not quick enough with the camera. Young coots are very noisy and squeaky when swimming behind mum, they all want to be the first to be fed. This crow makes a good job of tidying up all the leftover bread, when the ducks and geese get too full. Crows are big but they do not like being near people, so they grab the food quickly and fly off with it. The crows and magpies are doing a good job, so that there is none left for any rats that are about.

17 July

Yellow Teddy, flowers, Polhill Garden Centre  Yellow Teddy, plant wigwam, Polhill Garden Centre
I went to Polhill Garden Centre just outside Orpington with Auntie Freda. These lovely flowers are not from my country (England) so I think they would have to be kept in a greenhouse. This wicker plant wigwam would make a good tent for a little someone if it had something waterproof round it, and a waterproof cosy mat on the floor, leaving a little gap open to make a door. Just the place for a picnic of juice and cakes, and some puzzle books! I wonder if they make bigger Ted-sized ones?

Topiary dolphin, Polhill Garden Centre  Topiary dog, Polhill Garden Centre
These topiary bushes of a dolphin and dog must have taken a lot of hard work to make. I think the branches had a lot of help to bend, using a wire frame. I have some box bushes, but they are all in ball shapes or straight lines.

Koi fish at Polhill Garden Centre 1  Koi fish at Polhill Garden Centre 2  Koi fish at Polhill Garden Centre 3
At Polhill they have built a wonderful new indoor pond for the Koi fishes which is just the right height to adults to look over, and with glass windows in the sides for children and Teddies. I could have spent all day in here. The fish are very friendly but you must not put your hand in the water. I don't think Koi fishes bite because they have very soft mouths, I think the shop does not want people frightening the fish or getting ill from the pond water supposing someone ate an ice cream with pond water on their hands?

22 July

Poppy growing in asphalt crack
This poppy seed must have blown into a crack in the asphalt but I think there must be some water underneath. When I lift a big stone or a flower pot in my garden, it is always damp underneath. Think of the hundreds of seeds from this one that will blow into all the other cracks! I wish some would blow into my garden. Maybe I can buy a packet and put them in the cracks myself.

29 July

Yellow Teddy with watering hose instruction sheet  Yellow Teddy counting watering hose pieces
The sunflowers are now very big and it's hard work watering them. We bought a watering hose that drips onto the pots. Following the instruction pictures was harder work than carrying watering cans! In the end, I did what I always do I laid out all the pieces on a tray, counted them, and worked out what each piece was for.

Dino with watering hose  Blue Parrot with watering hose
You have to make holes in the long hose and join in all the little short hoses, and clip them onto each pot. Dino was thinking of untangling it but the hose was too stiff to lie flat. Parrot said can he drink the drips like garden birds do with rainwater drops, but the answer was no, it is not clean enough. We connected it to the rainwater butts, so we had to put in a little filter to catch all the dirt bits which might block the drippers. It all worked wonderfully well and if you turn the end of the dripper, you can make the drips come out faster. We watched the drips for quite a while, at least until dinner was ready.

4 August

Rainbow  Snails eating apple
I like rain, especially when I am indoors in the warm, but rainbows are even better. Snails like it when it rains, and we saw these ones on a footpath on the way to Orpington High Street. They are all eating an apple that has fallen from one of the hedgerow trees. They are well camouflaged, their shell stripes are the same colour as the dried sticks and mud.

9 August

Sunflowers in pots  Sunflowers seedheads  Sunflower
The drip watering hose is doing a good job and the sunflowers have a supply of long-lasting plant food granules in the soil. They are as big as last year, and we have had to tie them to the washing line to stop them falling over! The seed heads get too heavy so we have to take them off and wait for the next lot of buds to come out. If you click the last picture, you get a high resolution sunflower picture, so that you can make a print or a painting of it!

Yellow Teddy with a piece of the apple tree stump  Spartan apple tree
Well, at last the old apple tree stump has rotted at the base, and we were able to pull it over. We had to saw it up so that we could get rid of it, but we are keeping the bit with the big hole that the robins nested in last spring. If we put it under the yew bush, the robins can use the hole again next year. Nearby, the Spartan apple tree is doing very well, and those are apples that we can eat straight away. The old tree was Bramley Apple which needs cooking and too much sugar!

23 August

Painting a door  Biscuits on tray  Sunset
We have been amusing ourselves during most of August, because people were away painting a house for friends. How did they get painty fingers when they took so many rubber gloves with them? Aha, taking off the gloves to have a biscuit or two, I think! Sunset means time to pack up and get back to us Teds, waiting patiently with our bedtime reading books.




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