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1 May 2012

Ducks sleeping under blossom tree, Priory Park  Pigeons resting on grass, Priory Park
I always expect the first of May to be a nice warm day and it was. Here are the Priory ducks all sleeping under the blossom tree, glad they have got their pond back, at least some of it. The pigeons were all resting and sleeping on the grass nearby.

5 May

Baby blackbird  Yellow Teddy with camcorder
Here is our new young blackbird realising that moving wiggles in the lawn generally mean a dinner appearing from nowhere. We still haven't seen any new robins emerge from the shed, and I decided to film the comings and goings. The rain was spitting on and off, so I had to put a sandwich bag over the camcorder.

Robins going in and out shed
I had an hour of video tape to run through and I captured all the action shots onto computer and left out all the empty minutes. Sometimes the robin dives through the hole without stopping, but mostly he sits and looks around to ensure everything is safe before dropping down inside to feed the babies.

7 May

Pedham Place muddy boot fair 1  Pedham Place muddy boot fair 2 
The sky cleared and the sun came out, but after so many weeks of rain the field at Pedham Place boot fair was quite waterlogged. There were fewer people than usual but we still had a good time. I bought some ring binder folders for all my artwork and writing, and I am very pleased as they are bright yellow, bright green and red!

Petts Wood May Fayre - Bric a brac  Petts Wood May Fayre - Plants  Petts Wood May Fayre - Sewing  Petts Wood May Fayre - Balloon modelling man
We got back quite early and after a snack we went to the Petts Wood May Fayre held in the Memorial Gardens. All the usual stalls were there - bric-a-brac, plants and handiwork. The balloon-modelling man was walking around making animal shapes for the children.

Petts Wood May Fayre - Reptile Events - Slinky the Skink  Petts Wood May Fayre - Reptile Events - Slinky the Skink and Bruce the Bearded Dragon
The first thing I looked for was the Reptile Events tent. This is Slinky the Skink* with his handler Jane. At first he was a bit quiet, but after some encouragement from his friend Bruce the Bearded Dragon, he agreed to sit on the sleeve and shoulder so that people could take photos. Slinky has a website at where he has put photos of all his other friends who were not able to come to the Fayre.

*See Dino's drawing of Slinky on his Reptilespage, that you can download for colouring in.

Petts Wood May Fayre - Reptile Events - Snake  Dino with photo of Slinky
This snake was having a rest in his box and obviously enjoys having some reading matter to pass the time. Dino has decided that Slinky is his favourite lizard, with the best orange colouring, and he knows from personal experience that smart and handsome dinosaurs, lizards and snakes have to sit very still sometimes, so that people's photos do not get blurred. Then when no-one is looking, they can run around and have fun!

Petts Wood May Fayre - Reptile Events - Citrine the Burmese Python  Petts Wood May Fayre - Reptile Events - Python  Petts Wood May Fayre - Reptile Events - Python
This is Citrine the Burmese Python who was very well behaved with everyone. The other pythons were also wrapping themselves around their handlers, obviously eager to get a really good view of the admiring crowds of children and parents. Pythons are not known for their big smiles but inside they are very happy because they have a good warm home with willing servants providing everything they need, with the occasional outing to visit a school or club.

Petts Wood May Fayre - Orpington Bee Keepers  Bees with Queen
The Orpington Bee Keepers' stall looked very delicious. There was a glass case with lots of bees in their honeycomb. The queen bee is marked with a spot and her workers are all crowding round her to make sure she is well looked after.

Petts Wood May Fayre - May Queen and Maids dancing round maypole  Petts Wood May Fayre - Morris dancing  Petts Wood May Fayre - Drummer troupe
There was all different types of dancing and music. Last year's May Queen and her Maids danced round the maypole. Their dresses and tunics were very smart and beautiful. Everyone knew all their steps, even the younger ones, and the audience clapped very loudly at the end. There was Morris dancing inside the hall and I liked the sound of the clogs on the wooden floorboards. The Bloco Fogo drumming band was entertaining everyone with beats that were so loud you could feel it in your stomach. Their yellow costumes made it look as if the sun had come out a bit more!

Petts Wood May Fayre - Bouncy castles  Petts Wood May Fayre - Rides
In the car park the crowds of parents and children were enjoying the funfair, with bouncy castles and rides. It was very noisy.

Petts Wood May Fayre - Cakes  Petts Wood May Fayre - RNLI Lifeboats  Petts Wood May Fayre - RNLI Lifeboats Teddy
This cake stall looked scrumptious and I saw several people going round biting into slices of chocolate cake and trying not to drop any. I always visit the RNLI Lifeboats stall, and I am glad that someone is brave enough to go to sea to rescue people. The teddy has the same hat as the officer!

Petts Wood May Fayre - Classic car  Petts Wood May Fayre - Better Driving stall
Outside the gardens, there were lots of classic cars. This is definitely my favourite one, it reminds me of milk chocolate! It is very low down and has an open top, so it's just right for me on a hot sunny day. There was a Better Driving stall so people can take extra lessons, and I think it's a very good idea, especially since our trip to Hassocks last week when I saw some very dangerous driving on the rainy motorway.

Petts Wood May Fayre - Classic cars  Petts Wood May Fayre - Classic cars badges
The classic cars were very interesting, although I am not sure they would give a very smooth ride, but what I really liked was the shiny chrome work and colourful badges. The owners had obviously spent many hours polishing everything.

Petts Wood May Fayre - Fire engine  Petts Wood May Fayre - Fire engine hoses
The Fire Brigade brought their engine and there were lots of children getting to sit in the cab. On the other side you could see all the tools and hoses.

Petts Wood May Fayre - Sweets  Petts Wood May Fayre - Fruit and Vegetables
I like to see colourful sweet stalls, and it is very difficult to just choose one item, because no-one could eat all of it, especially if they wanted to stay slim and keep all their teeth! I was glad to see the fresh fruit and vegetable stall, where you can order boxes to be delivered. I have some small apple trees in my garden and I think it's just like having sweets growing on trees! As soon as I got back home, I went straight to the apple basket!


9 May

Yellow Teddy with new fountain pens  Yellow Teddy testing out new fountain pen
My new fountain pens arrived today and they are very smart with swirly patterns and the nibs are very springy. The pen people also sent us some lovely bookmarks so that we remember them! The blue one will have blue ink for writing, and I am putting black ink in the browny pen, so that Brown Teddy and I can do some drawings.

I settled down with a big cup of red berries tea, and played with the pens. The best thing about these pens is the big ink window, where you can see when the ink is getting low. Everything at both ends unscrews and I can safely take them apart for cleanups, so these are just right for me, because I like to know exactly how things are made. I keep all our pens and pencils in mugs, so I am always looking out for new mugs with interesting designs on. The mug of berries tea has a chocolate bar name on the other side, and I have to turn it away when Dino is around, or he will think it contains a chocolate drink!

Yellow Teddy looking in shed window  Yellow Teddy inspecting pear tree
I had a quick look through the shed window as I was passing, to see if any of the baby robins were out of the nest, but there were none to be seen. Their nest is round the corner inside, so I can't see it from the window. My pear tree has the beginnings of the fruits, and they have come on really quickly, as the blossom has only just gone over. I think it is all the rain swelling them and I am expecting a really big harvest this year!

10 May

New blackbird in birdbath
This is one of our new blackbirds and he spent a long time having a bath. Later on in the afternoon it rained and I wonder if he thought he had wasted his efforts splashing around when he could have sat in a tree and got wet! It's getting a bit difficult inspecting the garden without surprising and alarming them as they are poking about under bushes, so we hurry up with our pictures and then leave them in peace.

Dino colouring in picture of Slinky the Skink  Slinky the Berber Skink drawing
This afternoon was quite rainy and so Brown Teddy and I have had a good time drawing pictures with the new fountain pens. As a surprise treat for Dino, I traced over the photo of Slinky the Skink (at the Petts Wood May Fayre last Monday), and someone scanned it for me and tidied it up. Dino is absolutely delighted because he can print off as many as he likes, and do some practice colouring. He has put in a bit of grass because Slinky is more used to seeing English greenery rather than a desert and he wanted to make him feel at home. We have some very bright soft pencils for Dino, which don't leave marks on fingers, and of course he never gets anywhere near the ink bottles. Sometimes he uses the special crayons where you can spread the colour with a watery brush on the paper, so that there is never any mess.

You can download the colouring pictures of Slinky and his friends from Dino's new Reptiles page.

Dino says that skinks like to sit on warm hands, and dinosaurs like to lie on warm pillows that have a hot water bottle inside them. If there is no-one around to fill the bottle up, he gets warmer by running around the room and jumping on the bed for a while.


11 May

Bluetit taking moss into nestbox  Bluetit coming out of nestbox
I am very happy to report that the bluetits have decided to use one of our nestboxes. This box is behind the shed and I made special efforts to wind all the bendy branches, twigs and leaves over it, so that it does not get too hot in the sun. We had a family of bluetits last year, and here we are again with more occupants. I left the camcorder running for an hour, like I did with the robins in the shed, and got these shots of moss being taken inside. It's a very good way of finding out what is going on, because it only takes a few seconds to miss something if you are trying to watch it all the time, and it all happens too fast to see what they are taking in.

Bee on cotoneaster bush 1  Bee on cotoneaster bush 2  Bee on cotoneaster bush 3  Bee on cotoneaster bush 4
Here are all the bees on my cotoneaster bush, making sure that we have lots of berries at the end of the year to feed the birds and the humming noise was quite loud. There were so many bees all moving about that I could not get a photo of them all at once. Even though these branches are immediately behind the garden seat, the bees are no trouble at all, as they are only interested in the flowers.

12 May

Robin with bread crumbs on ground  Robin with bread crumbs on shed roof
The robin is helping himself to a few crumbs that were thrown to the sparrows, but he is mainly taking insects into his nest. It seems he has been doing this for ages and his nest must be jam-packed with growing youngsters.

Dino wth clipped bush  Yellow Teddy with bluebell seedlings
This clipped bush was growing out over the path so one side of it needed clipping back very hard. Dino said it looks like a dinosaur has been grazing on it. I suppose my secateurs do look rather like dinosaur teeth, the blades are long and sharp like fangs. We kept our backs to the shed and the robin was quite happy to come and go with us there. These green shoots growing through the stones underneath the pear tree are not grass but bluebell seedlings. You can tell the difference because grass blades are flat, and bluebell seedlings are rounded like bits of wire. I will have to try the gravel stones method elsewhere in order to grow more bluebells, as I like to have them everywhere.

Beginnings of apple fruit
This is the very beginning of an apple, and I wanted a picture of it so that I can compare it with a photo taken when they are full size, as it is very easy to forget how they started out. It's nice to know they are getting on with growing while I am doing other things, like shopping, reading or sleeping in bed!


13 May

Tripes Farm boot fair 
This is the boot fair at Tripes Farm. I did not buy anything here, and afterwards we went on to Pedham boot fair which is a 20-minute drive away.

Buttercups in long grass  Union Jack flagpole
At Tripes, the car parking rows have stripes of uncut grass to mark out the rows, and they were all full of lovely buttercups. Buttercups like it very damp and so all the rain has made them grow quite big. Another thing I look forward to at Tripes is this Union Jack flag waving at the end of someone's garden, and it took several photos to get one with the whole flag opened out!

15 May

Yellow Teddy with nasturtium seeds  Yellow Teddy in garden
This big pot of tulips has now finished. I have put in some climbing nasturtium seeds and while the tulip leaves are dying down over the summer I will have some other flowers. Later on I will have to put in a wigwam of canes. Nasturtiums like old or poor soil so I have also put some more seeds in this bare patch by the fence so they can climb up the pole and the shrub branches.

Blackbird outside kitchen window
This young blackbird has found out that crumbs sometimes fly out of the kitchen window, so we have to make sure he doesn't keep this habit. There are loads of worms in the wet garden so he is well provided for at the moment.

Yellow Teddy with stone pot  Yellow Teddy watching thunderstorm
In this pot I have put seeds of mesembryanthemum which are daisy shaped flowers. They will like it in a hot pot under hot stones in a sunny place. Today is not very sunny and we have had a passing thunderstorm with one flash of lightning and a few thunderclaps. The sky was very dark over the trees and quite bright behind me. I like storms if I can watch them from indoors!


16 May

At last! Here are two of the baby robins that have left the nest and are sitting in the shed window. The second picture is a frame from a video of the parent feeding the baby. The babies keep flying from one side of the shed to the other, so we are now sure that they will be able to fly up to the opening at the top of the shed door.

17 May

Baby robin on shed door  Robin feeding nestling
I am glad I had the camera ready when I went down to the kitchen for a snack! I think some of the other nestlings have already left the shed because the robins are going all over the place with the crumbs. This one went back inside after a while.

18 May

Princess Anne with Olympic flame lamp  Olympic flame lamp  David Beckham lighting Olympic torch and cauldron
This is the Olympic flame landing at Culdrose airfield in Cornwall, England, this evening. Princess Anne carried the flame inside its lamp from the plane to the podium and footballer David Beckham lit the torch and the cauldron. Everything is yellow the plane, the lamp, the flame and the torch, and of course me!

19 May

Sunrise through trees  River Cray new weir with deep water behind
I got up really early and saw the sun rising over the back garden, looking just like a red version of the Olympic flame. I prefer the sun, as it is longer-lasting and doesn't have to be brought in from anywhere! The new weir in the River Cray has produced deeper water behind it, and it is obvious from the photo that it has been successfully duck-tested. The long snaky sandbag is now draped over the rocks.

Duck on River Cray
Here is a close-up of the pond-inspecting duck. I like this photo because it looks like a very clever watery painting done in watery paints, with all the zigzag patterns to make the water look real. In this case the water actually is real!

Priory pond filling up
I was delighted to find that Priory pond has partly filled up again, although it is only six inches deep and does not yet meet round the other side of the island. But the ducks are all very happy and so am I.


20 May

Yellow Teddy at Dartford Crossing toll booths  Dino enjoying tunnel under River Thames
We went on a day out to Stockwood Park in Luton. I had the 1.50 ready to pay the toll at the Dartford Crossing. Dino loves the tunnels, because he is expecting to see fossils on the walls!

Dunstable Downs Radio Rally boot sale  Boot sale ice cream and burger stall
We had a look round the Dunstable Downs Radio Rally boot sale first of all. It was a bit cold and misty. No-one was buying ice creams, and people preferred hot burgers and sandwiches instead.

Boxes of valves  Coil of wire  Old aerial
I wonder if this person filled up the bag with some of these old valves. I think this is a coil of wire but it looks more like a toffee-apple. Someone remembered having an old aerial like this for the television ages ago and having to walk round the room with it until they got a good picture!

Model helicopter  Old machinery
This model helicopter looks like fun and you can see how big it is by the size of the car wheel behind it. All it needs is a little camera and we could all get a really good look at the park from the air. I wonder how old this tool is, I think it must be some sort of stapling or cutting machine, as it has a handle that goes down and a big spring to get it back up again.

Dog show jumping trials  Plane landing 1  Plane landing 2
On the other side of the park there were lots of arenas with dog show jumping trials. It was very noisy with dogs and barking everywhere. I did not stay too long as even the small dogs look really big to me! Every few minutes a big plane came in to land at Luton Airport which is very near.

Yellow Teddy with wooden horse  Parrot with hollow log
This wooden horse is good for pretend riding games, and I am glad they put a tail bit on the end so that the person on the back doesn't slide off! This hollow trunk has been left for climbing on. Parrot said that if it rained we could go in here.

Brown Teddy with climbing logs  Climbing frame
Brown Teddy found even more climbing logs. Further on there is a playground with swings and climbing frames. This one looks like it should have a dolphin jumping through it! I am glad the ground is rubbery.

Beehives  Poster of beekeeper
After lunch we went into the Discovery Centre. In the Bees section there we no live bees at the moment, but lots of displays. These are different kinds of hives and the posters show everything about beekeeping and how bees live.

Bees waggle dance footsteps
Bees do a figure-of-eight waggle dance to let the others know where the best flowers are, and these footsteps have been painted on the floor for children to do the waggle dance as well. The steps were too far apart for me though!


Yellow Teddy and hothouse  Yellow Teddy and mended brick wall
The hothouse was closed off and the bubble-wrap was still at the windows until the weather gets warmer. Last year it was very very hot in here. Old walls look good because of all the different colours in the bricks, but I am glad that this one has been repaired. After a few years it will be mossy as well. Someone told me if you paint new bricks with a mixture of mud and milk, they go green quite quickly, but I haven't tried it, it might start to smell of cheese!

Carved wooden lizard  Stone tortoise
This is the arid dry corner, with gravel and big red sandstone rocks. This wooden carved lizard looks just like our friend Slinky the Skink, although this carving is about a metre long. I think Slinky would be right at home here on a hot sunny day, with rocks to hide behind if it gets too hot. Dino has informed me that skinks like sand, so perhaps he had better bring his own sand box with him! This stone tortoise's face looks as if he has just had a dinner that was a little too big, either that or he has just eaten the last jam donut!

Yellow Teddy with chickens  Chickens
I love to visit the chickens in the Dig For Victory Wartime Garden. As soon as we arrived, the chickens left their grain and came to say hello. They are very friendly and were making nice clucking noises which means they are interested and not frightened. Their cage is quite big, with lots of hay to scratch around, a grain trough, a water dispenser and a private shed in the middle. They really enjoy visitors. I wonder if they spend the evening talking about the people who came each day.

Garden arches  Dino with chickens
This arch is one of my favourite parts of the Walled Garden and it will be even better when the roses are out. Dino had another look at the chickens over the wall from another bit of garden and the friendly chickens came right round to see him again. It was a shame to leave them!

Parrot with grotto  Parrot with feathers on wires  Feathers photo shoot.
Parrot's favourite place is this grotto, because it would make a good nest. Outside the walled garden we found a lot of feathers strung up on invisible wire. We thought it was an artwork but later on we found out that people were having a fashion photo shoot.

Yellow Teddy with cow bells  Yellow Teddy with seed sorter
The Rural Life museum was very interesting and full of old farming and craft equipment. There are old tractors, tools, a forge and a carpenter's with sound effects running all the time. These are cow bells so that cows don't get lost. This shelved thing is a seed sorter and it has lots of gears and chains at the sides so that it shakes the seeds. I think it is probably used flat, not upright. Even the ceiling had exhibits like tools and farm gates.

Horse brasses
The horse brasses are all polished and shiny. I think Number 13 must be Welsh, as it has a harp on it.

Yellow Teddy with gold ornaments  Dino with picture of Roman food table
These gold ornaments were very beautiful and did not look hundreds of years old. Dino was fascinated by this picture of a Roman dinner table full of all the things they might eat. He was more than willing to test them all out for flavour, if anyone gave him the chance. Good job I had saved an extra large bun for him back in the car!


Dino with shell fossils  Brown Teddy with plesiosaur fossil
Dino admired these gleaming white fossil shells, and said he would quite like something like that as a garden ornament. Brown Teddy found this fossil of a fish-eating swimming plesiosaur. All the little teeth would keep a good hold on any fish it caught.

Dino with lion 1  Dino with lion 2
Out in the garden, Dino had some conversations with all the lions sitting around. Apparently the lions have decided that these gardens are the most pleasant place in which to do their guard duty.

Victorian children's toys  Brown Teddy with Noah's Ark toy
We went into the Discovery Centre museum. I liked this case of very old Victorian children's toys, with puzzles, picture books, marbles and a magic lantern, which showed coloured slides before film was invented. Brown Teddy's favourite is the Noah's Ark with the wooden animals.

Yellow Teddy with velvet crown hat  Antique wedding dresses 
I like this little royal crown hat, it is just my size. These very old wedding dresses were very glowing, mainly because of the special white lights shining down on them. They reminded me of snow in my back garden when I put the security light on!

Dinosaur exhibition  Dinosaur exhibition - Iguanodon
We were delighted to see that there is a new exhibition of Dino-Mites, which is life-size baby dinosaurs. The main museum is free but you have to pay to see the dinosaurs. Inside everything is very dark with the dinosaurs lit up by coloured spot lights. There is a lot of roaring and screeching noise all the time. The second picture above is Iguanodon.

Dinosaur exhibition - Parrot with Tyrannosaurus  Dinosaur exhibition - Yellow Teddy with Tyrannosaurus
The models do not move but Parrot was keeping a watchful eye on this big Tyrannosaurus. I think the Tyrannosaurus is best viewed from a little distance!

Dinosaur exhibition Deinonychus  Dinosaur exhibition - Dino with Diplodocus
Here is Deinonychus who was a fast runner with sharp toe claws. Dino is checking out the Diplodocus who was a plant eater. Dino thinks all these dinosaurs died out because they were too ferocious and ate each other, and only friendly home-loving dinosaurs like him were left. He calls it his Theory of Survival of the Nicest!

Black Hole table  Quilts 4 London Olympic pennants
This is a Black Hole table. You roll a coin down, it spirals round and drops down the hole in the middle. The money goes to charity. There were lots of quilted pennants all along the corridor, these were organised by Quilts 4 London and one will be given to each Olympic athlete. These are just 500 of the many thousands of pennants that have been made.

Quilts 4 London - Southfleet Peacock pennant  Quilts 4 London - Fish and Chips pennant
We all chose our favourite one. This peacock is Parrot's favourite. Dino liked the one showing fish and chips, as he especially likes chips that are crinkle cut because they are crispier. I like the bubbles.

Quilts 4 London - Silvery Fish pennant  Quilts 4 London - Rookery Care Home pennant  Quilts 4 London - closeup of Rookery pennant bird
It was very difficult to choose my favourite, but at last I saw one that I really really liked. These silvery fish were very beautiful, although the photo does not show up how wonderfully silvery they are. Brown Teddy liked the Rookery one, especially the little white bird with the motto, "Reach for the sky, where the birds fly."

Cuddly dinosaurs in Discovery Centre gift shop
Before leaving we had a look round the gift shop. It took ages to go round as there are so many lovely things. These dinosaurs are much friendlier than the models in the exhibition. I bought some pterosaur gliders and some bookmarks.

Yellow Teddy's snack  QE2 Bridge at Dartford Crossing
We had another snack before leaving for home. It took just over an hour to get from Luton to the River Thames. I like going over the Dartford Crossing because it means we are nearly home. It's proper name is the Queen Elizabeth the Second Bridge. After such an early start and a long interesting day, we were ready for bed quite soon. Normally we talk about everything, but we all fell asleep almost straight away!


22 May

Robin's nest in shed
We were finally able to get into the shed, now that the robins have all left. Here is the nest after we had taken away the hand tools that were in front of it. I think they were glad to get out into the fresh clean garden where all their dinners are. It was definitely time for a cleanup. I put the nest into the compost bin and scrubbed all the tools.

23 May

Yellow Teddy seeing bridge out of action  Brown Teddy enjoying the River Cray greenery
Today is very warm and sunny, just right for a walk by the River Cray. My favourite bridge was closed for repair, so we had to go the long way round to get to where the ducks are. Brown Teddy likes greenery because it is very cool on a hot day. This part is usually short grass going down to the water but the rain has made it grow very long with lots of cow parsley plants everywhere.

Yellow Teddy with swans on River Cray  Swan on River Cray
These friendly swans came to see us, but they eventually drifted away when they realised we did not have any bread. Lots of people bring bags of bread here for their children to throw, so it won't be long before they get some. There is plenty of weed for them to eat as well.

Geese and goslings on River Cray  Yellow Teddy with winged bench end
A family of geese and goslings arrived and slid down the bank into the water. Some people had been feeding them and the goslings were pecking and chasing each other, I think they were getting jealous in case they missed out on their share of the bread. This end of the bench by the riverside has got wings on it just like the birds. Maybe it should be painted white like a swan!

Tree hole looking like dinosaur eye  Wall with bite out of it
This hole in the tree trunk is where an old branch has fallen off, but Brown Teddy said it looked just like a dinosaur eye. Further along there is a bite out of the wall. I'll have to send Dino down to sort that one out, he's very good at keeping everything in order.


24 May

Yellow Teddy in Covet Wood  Yellow Teddy and tree roots in Covet Wood
Today is warm and sunny again. We took a walk through Covet Wood on the way to the shops. This little ditch is always dry whenever I see it, but I suppose on really wet winter days when it the ditch is wet, I am indoors by the radiator. These roots along the woodland path make good steps to go down the slope.

Petts Wood stream between houses  Duck resting by Petts Wood stream
This is a stream that passes between the houses. If I had a stream by my house, I would be watching it all day. This duck was on the mud bank of the stream, having a rest in the shade before continuing his journey.

Boggy hole in Covet Wood  Yellow Teddy with three branched tree trunk
After our shopping, we came back through the woodland. This is the boggy hole in the middle, with big irises and lots of mud. There are thick trees all around so this sunny spot looks very special and secret. I like this branching tree trunk - a bit like the supermarket, three for the price of one!


26 May

Priory Gardens Jubilee Fair - Union Jacks and picture of the Queen  Priory Gardens Jubilee Fair - Union Jack
We went to the Jubilee Celebration Fair in Priory Gardens, to celebrate the Queen reigning for 60 years. There were Union Jacks everywhere, so it it was all a lot more colourful than normal fairs.

Priory Gardens Jubilee Fair - Drum Head service  Priory Gardens Jubilee Fair - Mayor saying some prayers
There was a march past and Drum Head service by the Royal British Legion, with the Veterans holding the banners, and the Cadets providing the marching music. The Pastors said the prayers and the address, and the Mayor in his red robes said his prayers for the Queen and the country. I think it must be quite a job being Mayor, as he has to think all the time of the best way of doing everything and look after everything that happens in his town.

Priory Gardens Jubilee Fair - cadets marching  Priory Gardens Jubilee Fair - balloon release
More music and marching by various Cadets, and I really admired how they can remember all the music and drum beats. Afterwards the children let off sixty balloons in red, white and blue, one for each year of the Queen's reign. The wind was quite gusty at times, so the balloons went on their way very quickly.

Priory Gardens Jubilee Fair - fancy cupcakes  Priory Gardens Jubilee Fair - human fruit machine
These cakes are beautifully decorated with folding paper ornaments, just like Christmas decorations, so at least when you have eaten the cake, you can save the decoration! The human fruit machine was manned by Legion volunteers. The red poppy on the front is a reminder of people who have died in service, so that they are never forgotten.

Priory Gardens Jubilee Fair - falconry stand 1  Priory Gardens Jubilee Fair - falconry stand 2
There was a very interesting falconry stand, with falcons and owls. I am glad they were in the shade, and they all had a drinking bowl by their side. I am also happy that these birds get to fly free a lot of the time during their training and their displays, so they can soar in the sky just like any other bird.

Priory Gardens Jubilee Fair - Slinky the Berber Skink  Priory Gardens Jubilee Fair - Bruce the Bearded Dragon
I was really pleased to see the Reptile Events stand again and say hello to our friend Slinky, who shares his home with Bruce the Bearded Dragon. Slinky is quite a celebrity as he loves to go round with his keepers and see people and children. He is especially fond of sitting on warm hands and warm shoulders.

Priory Gardens Jubilee Fair  - three Royal Pythons  Priory Gardens Jubilee Fair - Citrine the Burmese Python
I think there are three snakes in this heap. They are very inquisitive and seem to like poking in every odd corner to see what they can find of interest. This is Citrine the adult Burmese Python being admired by a visitor. She knows she is the star of the show. She is very noticeable, especially from a distance, being so big and yellow, so people come over to see what is going on.

Dino has a new Drawing page with some line drawings of Slinky and friends for colouring in.


27 May

Wild flower verge near Pedham Place  Oxeye daisies on verge near Pedham Place
This is my very favourite wild flower place. It is a pathside verge on a roundabout on the way to Pedham Place boot sale. It is full of oxeye daisies all waving in the breeze. The breeze mainly comes from the cars and trucks whizzing past! The rainy April we had has made the display thicker than ever. I never put off taking a photo until the next week, because one day I will come and find that it has all been mown away, with just the seeds there waiting for next year.

Yellow Teddy with new seagull
Here is my new friend from the boot sale, a very handsome Seagull. He is delighted to try out our bean bag and I am looking forward to showing him round our home and garden. He has got lots of seaside stories to tell us.

Frog  Yellow Teddy with resprouting bush
I have to be careful when weeding, with all the little frogs about. This one is too big to be this year's tadpole. If in doubt, I rattle the plants to see if anything jumps out. They eat flies and slugs, which I am happy about. Fortunately he stayed still while I went indoors for the camera. This evergreen bush was cut back very hard from the path and now it is sprouting again, just as I hoped it would.

Yellow Teddy planting nasturtiums in hanging pouches  Yellow Teddy with plant pouches
I got these hanging flower pouches at the boot sale, so I can try them out without spending too much money. I have put nasturtium seeds in each hole and once the seedlings come through, I will hang the bags up. So I have got a couple of weeks to think of the best place to put them, and it will have to be somewhere strong as they are quite heavy. You won't be able to see the bags once the plants have grown all over them. These are double-flowered bush nasturtiums, and I have planted lots of climbing ones in the ground in all the places where no other flowers will grow.

29 May

Buttercups by River Cray  Thrush
This is the part of the River Cray where the banks have been reshaped. The plants are beginning to take over, although there are still a lot of bare patches. It won't be long before these buttercups are everywhere, spreading just like they do in my lawn, except here they are a lot more welcome. I was very glad to get a picture at last of a thrush, sitting by the river. You know they are around when the end of the garden has a little area of broken snail shells. I wish they would come back to my garden and clear up some more of the snails, they would never go hungry.

Priory pond coot nest  Priory pond duck nests
I thought that the dry ponds would mean no ducklings this year, but now that the main pond has some water, a lot of twiggy nests have appeared. I am looking forward to seeing some ducklings later on.

Snake scale shadow patterns on the ground
It was very hot and I was walking home looking down all the time to keep the sun out of my eyes. I suddenly saw this pattern on the ground and the first thing I thought of was python scales, after all the snake drawing we have been doing for Dino's new page. Brown Teddy says they might be fish scales. Blue Parrot says they might be pineapple scale patterns and can we buy a pineapple and make some smoothies with it. Dino says they are definitely dinosaur scales. This is what you would get if a dinosaur was lying in the mud and then the sun baked the mud dry!

31 May

Brown Teddy with gully by River Cray  Yellow Teddy sitting on bracket fungus on tree
Down by the river Brown Teddy was the first to notice a big gully in the riverbank, where a large tree stump was upended. It was quite deep and would have been invisible if the grass had not been cut. We did not go right to the edge. I tried to sit on this bracket fungus on a big tree but as it was sloping, I kept falling off!

yellow Teddy looking at plant island on River Cray
Further along I saw the beginnings of an island with a plant that looks like a big rhubarb. It grows all along the banks further up the river, and I am sure this is a piece that has washed down the river. The water will slow down around the plant and the island will grow bigger. I wonder if eventually there will be two rivers when the island is really big? I think maybe the river keepers will clear it so that the water flows properly.

Yellow Teddy at Priory pond  Snow carpet of daisies in Priory Park
At Priory pond there is more water than before. I am hoping the waters will meet together right round the island, so that the island is safe for the birds. All these daisies in the park look just like snow and I hope the gardeners leave them for a bit before getting the mower out.

Union Jack notebooks  Jubilee bunting
I really like these Union Jack flag patterns on notebooks. I think will save my money by doing my own on the computer and printing it out for my own notebooks - you can download some Union Jacks in colour and in lines on my Colouring page. Flags are everywhere for the Queen's Jubilee.

Dinosaur on scooter  Sparrow with bread
This dinosaur in a toy shop window is having a ride on a scooter but he will have to eat more dinners so that he can grow big enough to get to the handlebar. When the shop is closed, I think he will be riding up and down the mall walkway when no-one is looking. Fortunately for him there is a chocolate shop next door and if they have any broken bits they should leave it out as a treat for him, along with a saucer of water to help it go down!

Back home mummy sparrow was waiting for some bits of bread to take back to the nest. They get a lot of seeds and insects round the garden, but when someone is at the kitchen window they come and wait to see if the top window is going to open and crumbs fly out. A lot of the time the sparrows are hopping all over the climbing roses eating the greenfly, which I am very pleased about. With their bread I think that makes greenfly sandwich - no thanks!

1 June

We went on a little tour of the tile shops today. I am already planning some patterns on my graph paper so that we know exactly how many we need. On the way back I saw these lovely field poppies growing on a heap of soil by the roadside. The soil has been left in a mound to grass over but it is obviously full of poppy seeds and will be for many years to come! I am going to buy some in a packet and get them to grow in my gravel, in the hottest driest place in my garden.

3 June

Diamond Jubilee Pageant - bell barge  Diamond Jubilee Pageant - Gloriana rowing barge
Today is the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Pageant along the River Thames. The first boat was the barge carrying the new bells. After that came the rowing ship the Gloriana, which was one of the names of Queen Elizabeth the First in the fifteen hundreds.

Diamond Jubilee Pageant - Yellow Teddy with view of boats on Thames  Diamond Jubilee Pageant - Brown Teddy with view of boats on Thames
Brown Teddy and I enjoyed a virtual helicopter ride over the Thames, via the cameras installed on top of high buildings and bridges.

Diamond Jubilee Pageant - Queen boarding Royal Barge  Diamond Jubilee Pageant - Brown Teddy with view from prow of Royal Barge
Here is the Queen boarding the Royal Barge. Brown Teddy enjoyed travelling on the front of the barge just behind the flag, but without any of the cold, wind or rain!

Diamond Jubilee Pageant - Dino admiring prow carvings on Royal Barge  Diamond Jubilee Pageant - prow carvings on Royal Barge
Dino was very interested in the creatures on the prow of the Royal Barge. The face is Old Father Thames and the other creature is a dolphin, carved in the way people did them before they had actually seen dolphins for real.

Diamond Jubilee Pageant - Dino watching Tower Bridge opening  Diamond Jubilee Pageant - Blue Parrot admiring feather headress
The roadway on Tower Bridge was raised for the barge to go under, and Dino was ready to go and help give it a push if there was any problem. You really need a big strong dinosaur to help if any of the systems fail, but fortunately there was no need. Blue Parrot thought this gentleman was the best dressed person in the whole Pageant with his coloured feathers, brightening up a grey rainy day!

Diamond Jubilee Pageant - Fire Rescue boat with water sprays  Diamond Jubilee Pageant - Corgi Dog cake  Diamond Jubilee Pageant - Queen's Head cake
Last of all the Fire Rescue boat came past, and they made sure there was a good distance all around them, as people were quite wet enough from the rain. These cakes look wonderful - a corgi dog and a picture of the Queen in younger days. I hope they took lots of pictures before cutting them up.

Diamond Jubilee Pageant - Queen waving to Yellow Teddy
I really like the Queen's white gown covered in sparkly diamonds. Finally I said goodbye and thank you to the Queen and she very graciously waved back to me. Brown Teddy, Dino, Blue Parrot and I all love our Queen, she is so kind and thoughtful to everyone.

4 June

Puddles in gravel
We are having a lot of rain again, which I don't mind. When this gravelly car park is full of puddles, we often see lots of starlings having a bath, but the rain was a bit too heavy today. I prefer my nice warm bathroom with the fluffy towels and the scented talcum powder!

Frog garden ornaments  Dragonfly garden ornaments
The rain soon stopped and we visited the garden centre part of the Homebase store. These frogs all have crowns but they will never replace our lovely Queen! This dragonfly looks huge but it was really quite small. If I got one for our garden, it might put off our real dragonflies.

Blue tit  Yellow wagtail  Goldfinch
I am getting a lot of good shots of birds lately, although I would prefer a really detailed closeup, but the birds are too shy for that. Blue tits are quite common, but the yellow wagtail in Priory Pond and the goldfinch on the aerial are not seen very often around here. The goldfinch has a song like the chaffinch, and I thought that was what he was, until I got a close look at my photo. He has red markings on his face.

Stickleback fish  Birthday presents
In the boating pond, which is now completely green, there are thousands of tiny stickleback fish. I am sure the fish eggs have been carried here on the ducks' feet, because I have seen lots of these in Priory Pond before it dried up. They were mostly swimming round the edge of the pond, as it is probably safer for them. When I got the camera too close, they all dived down. Later on we gave some birthday presents and you can tell that Brown Teddy likes to buy flowery wrapping paper. We had some Victoria Sponge Cake and some chocolate biscuit bars. The biscuit bars were very thick so we could not eat as many as we normally do! We were very full up after that.

6 June

Blue Parrot with pineapple  Yellow Teddy cutting up pineapple
Blue Parrot asked for a pineapple smoothie about a week ago. Here he is with everything ready. I did the peeling and cutting of the pineapple and mango, and Blue Parrot pushed the button to start mixing. We had to put some extra soya milk in to get it to whizz properly.

Blue Parrot with pineapple and mango smoothie  Blue Parrot washing up
He could not manage all of it, so we kindly offered to help to eat it, and we still had some to save for later. Blue Parrot enjoyed washing up afterwards, mainly so he can stir the water up into a pile of bubbles. He has found you can get more bubbles if you blow into the water through a drinking straw, as long as you definitely don't suck! It takes him quite a long time to wash up, as he does not like to get wet.

Pineapple scales  Dinosaur scales at Dino-Mites Exhibition, Stockwood Park, Luton
The smoothie idea started last week when we saw the fence shadows that looked like snake patterns, and Parrot thought of pineapple patterns. Dino was right about it looking like dinosaur scales, and here is a photo from the Dinosaur Exhibition that we saw at Stockwood Park last month.

7 June

Wet duck  Wet ornamental duck
Rain most of the day today, although we got our walk in before it really got heavy. The Priory ducks are happier every day with the water situation and this one is saying "About time too!". This ornamental duck has returned to the pond now that it is up to his high standards of swimmability!

8 June

These pigeons look a bit bored now that they can't get any duck bread from the pond floor. Maybe they are glad that they don't need to walk around in the mud any more! They are good at clearing up when people get a bit too enthusiastic with the breadcrumbs.

9 June

Bluetit 1  Bluetit2
I left the camera zoomed in on the bluetits nestbox, and in an hour and a half's recording this seems to be the only time the bird came out in full view. The hole is just to the left of that stem. All the other times he was creeping in and out behind the leaves. But I am glad it is all well hidden, to keep the babies safe.

10 June

Starlings in grass  Oxeye daisies behind fence
This is on the way to Pedham Place boot sale. All the lovely flowers on the verges have been mown away, so I am glad I got photos last time. Fortunately, there are still plenty behind the fence where the woodland bit starts, and these can make even more seeds for next year. The starlings are very happy with the short grass as they can look for dinners.

Middle of oxeye daisy
This is the middle of one of the oxeye daisies in the photo above. Although the yellow part is only 2 centimetres across, it looks just like a sunflower. According to the botanists, these yellow bits are the real flowers, so instead of thousands of oxeye daisies on Pedham roundabout, we actually have millions! We had these in the garden once and had to remove them as they spread everywhere a bit too fast, but they are very lovely out in the open countryside.

11 June

Dragon ornament tail  Dragon ornament middle  Dragon ornament head
At the Garden Centre I really liked this dragon ornament. You have to buy at least three bits, a head, a middle (or several middles) and a tail. I think this would look even better on a lawn and then it would look like a pond covered in duckweed with a friendly serpent creature making an appearance.  I think I would have to paint some whites into the eyes to make it more interesting. I think they would sell more if the geraniums were not so big!

12 June

Yellow Teddy with Priory Park weir  Yellow Teddy with Priory Park overflow pond
Things at Priory Pond just keep getting better and better. The weir between the top and bottom ponds is now flowing, making a very satisfying gurgling sound that we have not heard for over a year. The smaller third pond is filling up through the overflow pipe and I am definitely going back soon to check up on it.

Young starlings
Back home some new young starlings have found our lawn and spent quite some time digging out the leatherjackets, quite easy now that it is all wet and soft. Leatherjacket grubs turn into daddy-long-legs which none of us like at all, so come on starlings, eat them all up for me! If you dig up a piece of turf, it's amazing how many grubs there are underneath and they can also wriggle away very quickly out of sight.

13 June

Yellow Teddy with growbags  Dino with solar snowflake ornament
The growbags are doing quite well. They got a bit soaked in the rain and not all the nasturtium seeds germinated, so I have stood the bags upright to drain the water away, and filled the gaps with pansy seedlings. Dino was amazed to see a giant snowflake in the garden. Someone put it out here so that the solar square could get properly charged. It has a colour-changing light.

Yellow Teddy with campanula flowers  Yellow Teddy watching bees on Deutzia bush
I think these Campanula flowers are my favourite and they increase by roots and seeds as well. I am trying to spread these about a bit more, so I am taking special care of them this year, with extra water and feed. There are a few white ones as well. The Deutzia bush is full of bees. The bees are very busy, so they don't take any notice of me. Later on, I had a lone lost bee on my net curtain, and I took him down the garden and put him on this bush. He was very happy to get to the nectar and refuel himself for his journey back to his nest.

Yellow Teddy with wild strawberry plants  Yellow Teddy watching fish in pond
We have let these wild strawberry plants spread about. I am hoping the tiny berries will feed the blackbirds. The fishes are all very happy, but I think they could do with a bit more sun to make a warm corner for them to lounge about in. They like to rest with their heads under the waterlily leaves, it must be like wearing a sunhat.

14 June

Here is all the gushing and flowing at Priory Pond weir. The mud had been going green, so all this moving water is freshening everything up. Whenever I look at the photo I think I can really hear the sounds.

16 June

They seem to have finished repairing The Priory and the patterns show where the flint has been repointed. It should now last a few hundred more years. This tree root nearby looks like a dinosaur foot. Dino says that it should be claws, but with its stumpy nails it must be a prehistoric elephant.

Here is the female blackbird pulling up bits of old crocus leaves. She is making a nest just behind in the evergreen shrubbery up against the fence. This is right opposite the kitchen back door, which is very convenient for taking pictures of the action. I decided to paint some flower pictures and I think I will practise using this picture of these lovely double ones. I think it might be easier than it looks, because it will just be a pink circle with lots of reddish dabs.

Today has been extremely gusty and so we warmed ourselves up with our favourite meal of veggie nutburger, which is Dino is always asking for. Afterwards we watched the highlights of the Trooping of the Colour for the Queen's Birthday. I really liked the flypast of the Red Arrows with their red white and blue smoke trails. Every soldier did his part perfectly and the Queen was looking very pleased with all music and marching, but I think she will be glad to sit down in the evening on a big cosy sofa with her soft slippers and silky dressing gown on.

18 June

Field poppy  Leafminer patterns on weed leaf
At last I have got a field poppy of my own and I am definitely going to be saving all the seeds from it so that I can spread it about. I was interested to see these patterns on a weed along a footpath. The leafminers must be very full and fat, and have been well trained to eat weeds and not garden plants!

Pigeon bathing in Priory pond
The small pond in Priory Gardens is not yet full and this pigeon was enjoying his cool soak in the shallows, and glad to be standing on clean soft weeds and not a lot of mud. The second pigeon looked interested but he did not get in the water.

Baby robin  Thrush
This is a baby robin in the park, before he gets his adult colours of red and dark brown. I was very pleased to see a thrush because they are not so common nowadays, at least not in my garden. They like very tall trees where they can sit and sing over their territory.

Priory gardens hedging  Priory gardeners van
This is one of the best bits of Priory Gardens because there are lots of clipped hedge compartments with seats, so every time you go round a corner there is a different view, and you can sit in the sun, shade or out of the wind. When I go up these steps I expect to see all the lovely bedding but today the beds were empty and the gardeners were having their lunch. They had started to plant the thousands of geraniums from the back of the van, but I do hope they were not eating their sandwiches with muddy hands!

Yellow rose  Pink rose
Priory gardeners look after everything really well and they are always putting in, taking out or spreading compost around. These are the best two of the rose photos, but it looks much better in real life when you can see all the colours at the same time.

Daddy blackbird
The blackbirds are nesting in my garden again and here is Daddy Blackbird, still looking a bit scruffy, but obviously very good at defending his territory and looking after the family. He had been singing but here he has stopped to listen for other songs, and also to look for danger.

19 June

Dawn sky 
I got up really early for a drink of water. This is the sky over my back garden and it means the day is going to be sunny and warm.

Goldfish digging into weed  Tench
I keep hearing a lot of sucking sounds from the pond as the fishes push around in the weeds and at the algae on the pond side walls. Sometimes all I can see is a lot of tails and back fins amongst the plants. The second photo is an unusual view of one of the tench, who normally stay below. They feed at the bottom and we bought them to clear up any debris that might sink. They are more slim and straight than goldfish and their scales are a dully greeny grey, but their eye is a red circle. This one was enjoying the warm water on the sunny shelf, but with the protection of some leaves nearby for hiding.

Duck shaped straw planter  Duck
The garden centre has duck planters this year, and comparing it with a real one, they have done quite well, although the feet are oversized so that it doesn't fall over. I think I prefer real ducks though.

Stripey petunias yellow  Stripey petunias purple
I was tempted by these stripey petunias but all my pots are now full of other things! The purple ones looked like velvet.

20 June

Union Jack staircase in cycle store  Union Jack cycle accessories
This is my local car and cycle store with a wonderful Union Jack staircase. They obviously have someone who is full of good ideas where to squeeze in another flag pattern. The upstairs is the best part with all the bikes and accessories. I think the helmets and bike seats are rather good, but as we don't actually need to replace what we have at the moment, we will have to just enjoy the photo instead!

Magpie  Duck diving for weed
It is very unusual for a magpie not to fly away when people get near. This one was sitting in a tree directly over the footpath and making clucking noises, and it was probably a young one. I could spend all day watching the ducks diving and swimming, especially as the water is so clean and clear, and you can see every detail of what is under the water. I like to watch their orange feet paddling.

Blue dragonflies 1   Blue dragonflies 2  Blue dragonfly 3
I was really pleased to see these dragonflies on my pond and fortunately they stayed long enough for me to go upstairs for the camera. They are very small, about 3 centimetres. Sometimes we have bigger ones in green or orangey brown, so I need to keep the camera handy in future.

23 June

Yellow Teddy with new bike tyres  Yellow Teddy with rust painted bike mudguard
I am really glad we have at last got some new bike tyres, the old ones were full of hidden cracks in the rubber. The mudguards were a bit rusty inside because that is where the water splashes the most. We covered the inside with red oxide paint to stop the rust.

Yellow Teddy polishing bike metal work
Polishing all the chrome and steel is quite hard work, especially all those spokes, so I helped out by squeezing the metal polish out of the tube every now and then. Everything ended up very shiny and glinting in the sun.

High heel shoes  Union Jack teeshirt  Ice cream van
Later on we had a trip out shopping with Auntie Freda. I was absolutely amazed at the size of these high heel shoes, they look very unsafe and uncomfortable to me. I quite liked the Union Jack teeshirt but they did not have any really small ones that would fit me. The most interesting part of the shopping place was this ice cream van.

24 June

Priory - repaired flintwork  Priory - round window
Here is the Priory building with the flintwork all mended. The old darker flint has small extra flint flakes to fill in the gaps, but the repaired part does not. That would have taken too long and been too expensive to do. I like this little window in the back of the building and it would interesting at night if there was a little lamp inside.

Priory stone steps  Priory - goose feathers
These stone steps nearby have some strange shapes, circles and squares filled in with concrete. I am wondering whether the stones have been re-used from somewhere else and had to have holes filled in to make them into steps. They do not look like mends because the shapes are very perfect and neat. I hope the children who stuck these goose feathers in a pattern near the pond washed their hands afterwards and definitely before eating anything!

Priory ivy roots  Priory pond island
Here is the biggest island in Priory Gardens pond where all the ducks and geese can lounge around in peace, safe from people and animals. The ivy roots look like a lot of rope strands all twined together for strength. I gave up trying to count them.

Priory - Yellow Teddy with broken branch  Priory - Yellow Teddy with broken branch in pond
The winds were very strong and gusty today and here is a large branch in the park that has come down. Another one has landed in the pond. I think it is better to get back home before any more come down on us!

25 June

Blackbird in birdbath  Resident blackbird
This blackbird is not my usual one, and sneaked into the birdbath. My regular resident blackbird, who is nesting in the bushes nearby, was not very happy about it and chased the visitor away.

26 June

Goldfinch in birdbath  Robin
I was really excited to see two goldfinches in the birdbath. I really hope they come back again. Their friends have obviously told them where the best and safest bathing places are. I have not seen the robin for a while, and was glad to see him again.

Baby bluetit  Baby bluetit on birdbath
Here are our new baby bluetits who I am always hearing chattering in the garden bushes and trees. They are all staying together most of the time. One of them wanted a bath but did not get up the courage to actually land in the water, he just did some test flights to dip his feet in. I suppose from his point of view the water can seem quite deep. I am sure he will get a bit braver when he sees the sparrows having their baths.

27 June

Dino with giant peony
This is Dino's favourite flower at the moment, because of its size and because it looks like a big candy floss! It is a peony and the heads are so big they flop down on the path. I never got round to tying it back against the fence.

29 June

Goldfish hose water jet
The pond water was a bit low so we filled it up with the hose. The fish all enjoy swimming up and down through the jet. They always get interested when there is a flow of water because there might be some flies or insects washed down with it. To save disappointment, I gave them some bits of bread afterwards.

30 June

Plate of biscuits  Rose window - stained glass, Christ Church, Chislehurst, Kent
We went to an event in Christ Church in Chislehurst. Here are my two favourite things from the day - a round plate with round biscuits, and a very lovely round stained glass rose window. (The square biscuits were delicious as well!) You can click the window pictures to get the high resolution photos.

Here is the complete window.

Daniel in Lions Den - stained glass, Christ Church, Chislehurst, Kent  Sheep - stained glass, Christ Church, Chislehurst, Kent
This is Daniel in the lions' den, basking in rays of brilliant light coming through the bars, while the lions prowl around wishing it was dinner time. They were not allowed to touch Daniel. I think in real life lions are much bigger, but they had to fit into this narrow window! These sheep are all clean and cuddly with their soft fleeces and they are looking lovingly up at their shepherd in the next window. One of them is having a drink from a very refreshing looking river. I really like the berries against the dark green leaves of the tree. There is a lot more detail if you get close to the windows - the sheep even have eyelashes!




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