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2 June

This crow is now a regular visitor, and I am hoping he does not scare off my smaller birds. I am glad he stays at the top of trees and roofs, and not down in my garden. He spends a lot of time cawing.

3 June

Poppy bud opening  Poppy opened
The first Oriental Poppy came out today. The buds burst open when it is sunny. You have to be quick with the camera as the bud cases pop open and fall off without any warning.

4 June

Koi at Polhill Garden Centre  Digging for new path
We went back to Polhill Garden Centre and saw the big Koi fish again. Back home, we continue digging up the new garden path. It is a real mess at the moment.


5 June

Yellow Teddy with concrete lump  Rubble for garden path
This looked like a stone pot with a hollow hole. It was not a Roman pot, though, only the concrete lump for an old washing line post that was here long before we came to live here. We put all the rubble down for the new path and stamped it all down with the big sledge hammer and then filled in the gaps with a dry cement mix. When it had all fallen down the gaps, we watered it in carefully, which helped it go down further.

Common Blue butterfly on hand  Common Blue butterfly on shoe
This Common Blue butterfly was enjoying something tasty from the building sand. Another one came another day and found something tasty on an old cement and sand spattered shoe. We think they may be licking something salty from the sand.

7 June

Crazy paving started  Crazy paving finished
I really enjoy puzzles and it was my job to decide where all the crazy paving pieces fitted. It looked really good when it was all mortared in and flat.

10 June

Hawthorn petals on pond
My pond decorated with petals blown down from the hawthorn tree.

11 June

Collared dove in tree  Collared dove on lawn
We have a pair of collared doves who like to sit and rest in a nearby tree. They are very shy but sometimes they come down to the lawn or the birdbath for a drink. I was very pleased to at last get a good photo, by hiding behind the kitchen curtains with the camera.

14 June

Clump of spiderlings  House sparrow
I needed to clip this brown part of a old shrub, but these spiderlings have taken up residence, so I had to clip round them! When they are gone, I will have to come back and finish it off. If you bump into the shrub, the spiderlings all go walking in different directions and then later on come back together. Our sparrows like to sit inside this bush that is growing up the fence, where they can watch everything without being seen. When I see branches suddenly moving on their own, I know a sparrow is hopping about inside, so they are not so hidden after all!


15 June

Buttercups  Queen at Trooping of the Colour
I left this patch of buttercups in a corner of the garden as they looked so good, but they have to come out before they seed themselves. I picked them all and put them in a jar, and later on I will dig out the plants. They spread too much to be allowed to stay. After a hard day's gardening, I enjoyed seeing the Trooping of the Colour in the evening. It is held in the big open arena in Horseguards Parade in Central London. Here is the Queen in her special seat watching it all. I am very glad she has a special glass canopy over the podium in case it rains.

Trooping of the Colour white horse  Trooping of the Colour kettle drum horse
All the horses are very smart and perfectly behaved. Two big shire horses carry the kettle drums and have been trained to ignore the bangs.

Trooping of the Colour soldiers turning a corner  Trooping of the Colour Red Arrows with smoke trails
It is really interesting when the soldiers change direction. Here they are marching in single file to make a turn at the corner of the arena. At the end the Red Arrows flying team zoom in over Buckingham Palace in V formation with their smoke trails in red, white and blue.

17 June

Wood pigeon after bath  Goodbye to the old clipped shrub
The wood pigeon had a good soak in the birdbath and here he is wondering whether the camera at the kitchen window is a threat or not! The spiderlings have all left the bush and now we have been able to remove it. We have been clipping it into a blob shape for many years but it was getting a bit ragged and too wide for the new path next to it. After so many years of careful cutting to shape, it seemed to disappear very quickly. We have another beautiful yellowy bush waiting to go in the same place.

18 June

Wood pigeon  Wood pigeon
Our friends the pidgies were caught unawares, eating the blossoms from my hawthorn trees. I think they only had a few. Maybe it's their idea of salad or sweets!

22 June

This picture really shows up the moorhen's bright red beak, mainly because it is against the dull green of the weed in the clear water.

23 June

Pylon  Waving grasses
These are the pylons in Pedham Place field, and they always look as if they are about to walk over the countryside. When the weather is wet here, you can hear the electricity lines buzzing as they lose power to the air. I really like the long grasses and wild flowers here, all waving in the wind and full of interesting wildlife.

24 June

Writing frame  Ginger cake
Today I went with Auntie Freda to an exhibition for people with not good sight, and we got this writing frame. The black lines are made of elastic which zigzags left and right over the lugs on the frame. You open up the front of the frame, put a sheet of writing paper in and then close the two parts. It helps people write in a straight line, and with the bendy elastic you can still write the ups and downs of the letters. It was a very interesting exhibition with magnifiers, talking newspapers and computers that read to you. I was ready for a piece of Auntie Freda's delicious ginger cake when we got back.


25 June

Leafy bin stickers  Mini pond
Today my wheelie bin stickers arrived. The picture I have chosen is lots of beech leaves, and I am going to put it on some storage boxes so that they become invisible in the garden. Later on we went out to the garden centre. There were strawberry plants on sale and one of the strawberries had fallen into this tub pond, looking just like a short fat goldfish.

Mended bridge  River
We walked back along the river. They have mended this lovely bridge, with new steel arch, shiny black railings and wooden slats. It is much better than the old one. Brown Teddy likes to stay here for a while and look at the things floating down the river, mainly twigs and bits of leaves.

Riverside gardens  Huge leaf
Over the bridge are the riverside gardens, which are greenery rather than flower gardens. This tree was growing sideways and lots of the others lean over as well. It is not broken, so I did not have to report it and I decided it was safe to walk underneath. This huge leaf must have been over a metre long.

Black pigeon  Pigeons on branch over river
I am looking for pigeons with special markings, but Blackie here has no markings at all. I think he will be very safe because he can't be seen when he sits in the shadows. The other pigeons were sleeping on a long branch that is lying over the river. They can sit quite low down - near any bread that appears - without being in any danger from people or animals.

Cheeky sparrow  Young blackbird
Back home our regular bold cheeky sparrow immediately flew up to the kitchen window as soon as we got in. He is very energetic and swoops down to be the first to get the food. This young blackbird is staying around the garden, as it has lots of bushes and hiding places, but eventually he will be roaming further away for his dinners.

28 June

Moorhen chick  Moorhen chick
Today was rainy and we went through the park on the way to the shops. This baby moorhen looks a bit bedraggled but he is used to living in the wet all the time. He would be a lot more handsome if he had some feathers on his head, though.

29 June

Bee on pink deutzia  Bee on white deutzia  Bee on campanula
I have loads of bees in my garden. These are on my pink deutzia, a double white deutzia and lastly on a big clump of campanula. Some people don't like bees buzzing around, but I have found that they are only interested in the flowers. That means I can get very close with the camera and they take no notice at all. But I did have a lot of wasted pictures where the bees flew away before the camera could click.

30 June

Concrete base
We have finished the concrete base for the new greenhouse and now we only have to wait until it is delivered and put up. I have got the big pots all ready for some new plants that will go along the side edge.




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