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1 June

Garden bench paint stripping  Garden bench rust treatment
Time to refurbish the old cast iron garden bench that Auntie gave us years ago. There were lots of layers of paint and I watched while someone put on the paint stripper into the last little gaps. After the stripper was cleaned off, we scrubbed it with the wire brush and painted on the red oxide primer.

Garden bench - trying out the slats
All the new wood has been cut and numbered, as the holes vary a bit, and I am trying it all out before spraying the end sections in a bright blue, to match the other one that we did last year. It will definitely match because it is the same can of paint!

Storing the turf pieces  Bold blackbird
We have been digging up some weedy bits of the lawn and I am storing the pieces of replacement new turf on a shady path beside the pond, which now looks like a mown grass path. Our bold blackbird friend is delighted to inspect progress at intervals, and clear the worms away!

3 June

Coot and chicks
Here is a coot family in the park. Coots have white fronts to their heads.


5 June

Baby robin  Christmas crackers
Our friendly resident baby robin is getting used to following us round the garden or coming near to where someone is sitting. He waits a little while before making for the crumbs, just to check everything is safe. Later on we had a birthday dinner and used up some left over Christmas crackers. The jokes were too awful to remember but we did wear the paper hats.

6 June

Oriental poppy
This lovely big oriental poppy only flowers for a short time, so lots I take lots of photos as each new one comes out. This is my best one yet.

Park doorway  Ornamental duck
I just love doorways leading to something interesting. This one in the park is looking down to the rose garden. The ornamental duck was sitting very still, but he probably won't stay very long in the park.


7 June

Dawn sunrays  Long thin clouds
I got up really early for a drink, and here are the dawn sunrays seen from my kitchen window. At the end of the day these strange clouds were lit up by the setting sun. I think they look like stick insects.

Wallpapering - cutting the bubbles  Fireplace hole
We are repapering the living room walls today, over the top of the existing paper. First I had to cut some bubbly bits and wet them so that they would lie flat. This fireplace hole looks quite scary inside, and is probably full of old soot from years and years ago. There used to be a gas fire here but now the hole is just covered with a ventilation grille.

Past emixing  Pasting the paper  Smoothing the paper
I enjoyed mixing the paste and pasting the paper. I used this old pink teeshirt to smooth down around the windows. It all dried very quickly, as the weather was hot and sunny.

9 June

Coot and chicks on nest  Coot chick
Here are the coots again, on their nest in the middle of the park pond. The babies are quite big. They are very safe out in the middle, but if it rains they will have to get under their mum in a hurry.

10 June

Moorhen and chicks
These are moorhens, who have red faces. They and their chicks are a lot smaller than the coots.


13 June

Ducks asleep  Rook
We went through the park very early and most of the ducks were sitting around asleep. It is best to keep walking, as if anyone stops they think some bread is coming their way. This huge young rook and his friend landed on my lawn and then sat on the greenhouse. We had to make a lot of noise to shoo them away, as they might eat our birds and fish. I like them to stay in the park where they belong! As well as cawing, they were making some very rattly noises, like a pingpong ball in a jar!

14 June

Red Arrows airplanes in formation
These are the Red Arrows airplanes in formation, from the Biggin Hill Air Fair. They whizzed past our house but it took some time to get the camera on and zoomed in, so there is no detail.

15 June

Bouncy castle  Candyfloss
We went to a Fun Day in the park during the afternoon. I am glad to say the sun came out eventually.

Cakes  Lollipops
The cakes were disappearing fast, but I did not see anyone eating these huge lollipops!

Soak A Scout game  Game notice  Ball in Bucket game
Here is the Soak The Scout stand, where someone has to throw the ball to hit the lever at the side, making the container of water fall on the scout. It's a good job the weather was very warm! This bucket game has been going for years, so I am told, and the balls always bounce back out again.

Mona Lisa painting for sale  Irish dancing
I spied this very valuable painting of the Mona Lisa on the bric-a-brac stall. I wonder how it got there and did they get lots of millions of pounds for it? Last of all was the Irish dancing, which the girls did very expertly and the audience cheered loudly at the end of each dance.


16 June

Garden centre flowerbed  Antique lawnmower
This is the garden centre entrance and I just wish my front garden looked more like this. In one of the example gardens is this very old original lawnmower, although the modern ones of this design are not much different, just less rusty!

Aquarium fish  Sucker fish
I always visit the aquarium area to see all the fishes. If there are a lot of fish that means a better chance of getting more of them in the photo. This spotty fish is holding onto the glass with his sucking mouth.

Aquarium wreck  Transparent wellington boots
You can buy this wreck for an aquarium but I think I would prefer to just have plants. In the clothing store part, I noticed these transparent Wellington boots. You would have to make sure your socks did not have any holes and that they were two the same colour!

Sparrow flying from windowsill
As soon as we come in the front door, there is a sparrow waiting on the windowsill in the hopes of being noticed, for some crumbs. I just managed to get a picture of him as he flew back to the bushes.

17 June

Sparrows bathing
These baby sparrows are having a bath in the water running off the lawn, where I had been watering some new grass seeds.


21 June

Sparrows eating grass seeds
These sparrows are eating up all the grass seed on the surface, but I have buried most of it, so there is still plenty to come up. They are well camouflaged with their stripy feathers.

22 June

Net curtains blowing  Net curtains weighted
At last a solution to the curtains always blowing in. I found some lead curtain weights in the drawer, and now the curtain just sways a little bit!

Finished bench  Bending metal strip
Here is the garden seat that I was refurbishing at the beginning of the month. It is just next to the greenhouse, for the days when it is too hot to sit inside and I have picked out the flower shapes in gold paint. Now I am on seat number three, which will go on the shady path beside the fishpond. Here I am bending a strip of metal in the vice, to make it into curves like the seat, that will go down the middle of the back to stop the wooden slats from bending. Someone has got a lot of cushions to make for all these seats!

Baby robin  Crowd of starlings in birdbath
Here is our baby robin and at last he is getting some red breast feathers. In the evening, a whole flock of starlings descended on the lawn and about 12 are trying to have a bath all at the same time. You will just have to imagine all the squawking that was going on, as well as all the splashing and the sound of wet wings taking off.


25 June

Mares tails clouds
These mares tail clouds streaked right across the sky from one horizon to the other. The air currents must be curling round up there. There were some airplane trails as well, but they were quite small in comparison.

26 June

Garden bench  Weedy pond side
The third and last garden bench is now finished, with new wood and a light spraying of metallic green paint. I painted the lion's head in gold, so he stands out. It is time to clear the paving between the fence and the pond, so that we can put the bench there and sit and watch the fish. There is a lot of bindweed to get rid of, and other woody plants all tangled up. I might need some help! I want to be able to see the water at my feet, and feed the fish bits of bread.

Grass seed patch
More lawn patches filled with grass seed. I think the birds will be pecking this as well, but it is the buried seeds that will grow, and the birds are welcome to the bits on top, which would die anyway in the hot sun if they sprouted.

28 June

Rainy day  Double rainbow
Lots of rain today, but I like the fresh damp air. I will not need to water the pots just yet! Later on, there was a double rainbow over the back garden, and it is always a lot brighter in real life than in a photo. At the front of the house was the other half, making a complete semicircle of rainbow.

29 June

Dinosaur model  Starlings taking off
Walking home from the boot sale, we went past a golfing centre that has an adventure playground for children. This Triceratops dinosaur was waving his head all the time. Back home our lawn became dinner table for loads of starlings, and I just managed to get a picture of them all taking off. Even when they fly off, it is not long before they are back again, making a lot of noise.



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