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1 November

Fireworks 1  Fireworks 2
There were lots of fireworks tonight, as the weekend has been dry. The real Fireworks Night is on the 5th in the middle of next week, and it might be raining by then! You can almost hear the green one, as the stars popped up one by one with a whining sound. Each one was lighting up the smoke trail of the one that went before it.

3 November

Christmas pudding jumper
This is very nice for looking at but I don't think I would want to wear it. Everyone around me would get hungry, especially Dino who is always looking for sweets.

5 November

Fireworks 3  Fireworks 4
Some people had saved their fireworks for the proper night. The weather was damp and rainy but not enough to stop the fireworks.


6 November

Bromley High Street poppies
In Bromley the trees were full of large plastic Remembrance Poppies, they were very bright in the sunlight.

Bromley poppies  Bromley park poppies
More poppies round the corner and into the park behind the High Street.

7 November

Duck and seagull scrummage
Here is a duck and seagull scrummage in the park. We took a whole loaf of waste bread which I had already cut into small squares. You can imagine the shrieks and noise, especially from the seagulls.

Cheeky Pigeon 1 Cheeky Pigeon 2 Cheeky Pigeon 3
We were there about 10 minutes, and this Cheeky Pigeon was walking up and down. We gave him his own bit of bread in the end.

9 November

Last apples  Rocket stick
These are the last of my own garden apples. They were all small but good and sweet. I found this spent rocket in the garden, I wonder if it was one of the ones that I got a picture of?

Seat puddles  Nasturtiums
Everything is very wet and soaked now. The covers on the seats keep filling up with water and I think I shall have to put something underneath to hold it up, so that the rain falls off. The nasturtiums are doing really well and when the sun shines through them they glow like little lights. They will grow anywhere without any trouble at all, in fact the worse the ground is, the more flowers you get!


10 November

I was amazed to see this Red Admiral butterfly warming itself in the sun. It is a bit late in the year for him to be out and about. Maybe when it gets colder he will find a cosy corner to sleep through the winter.

Ruxley ice rink  Christmas lights
We went to see the ice rink at Ruxley Garden Centre. This year they have a big roof over it. We will definitely be going back when there are lots more people on it. Here is the lights department, which we look forward to every year.

LED picture Nativity  LED picture candles
These wall pictures have lots of twinkling lights on them. These are a bit o a change from the normal snowy mountain scenes. I like the glowing lamps in the Nativity one.

Model village skating
My favourite is the model village display, and everything is numbered so you can find the box if you want to buy one. The best bit here is the bonfire on the right with the man carefully warming his hands in front of it. He has obviously had a good time skating and it is now time to warm up again.

Model village moon  Lamplighter
The bit I like here is the transparent moon on a stick, it would look even better in a night scene with some light behind it. This is a lamplighter up his ladder, who in the 19th century went around lighting the gas street lamps.

Goose pond  Skier
The snow has not quite reached this farm and the goose and goslings can still swim around. I am glad to see that they have a nice cosy shelter with straw for later on. This skiier is going a bit too fast!

Christmas tree  Greenhouse
The best tree of them all. This greenhouse is a bit like mine, and although it is full of red Christmas wreaths, it reminds me of the Remembrance Poppy wreaths that are everywhere at this time.


Oak panelled room  Cottage fireplace
Ruxley always has really lovely room displays. This one is a cosy oak panelled room in a country house or castle. The next one is a more humble cottage with a little fire in a dish shaped grate on legs. The fire is a lamp with some orange nylon flames blowing about.

Swinging Sixties  Cinderella sewing room
This display shows the Swinging Sixties, when everyone wore bright colours, the dresses were very short, and geometric shapes on the materials. The next one is based on Cinderella, and shows a ball gown being made. As Cinderella didn't have any nice dresses, this is either the Ugly Sisters' dresses, or the Fairy Godmother getting the dress ready to give to Cinderella.

Reindeer  Marble water feature
The reindeer are back in residence, in their luxury quarters. This stone is a water feature in the summer, but it switched off now. I love the marble patterns better than the green slime when it is flowing.

Treasure chest
This treasure chest full of chocolate coins would go down very well with Dino and Blue Parrot, and when they see the photo they will want to come and investigate for themselves.

11 November

Shop window display
With all the Remembrance events, this charity shop window is full of items from the 1930's and 1940's. I like the old typewriter, it looks like good fun.


12 November

I like to walk through the park sometimes rather than getting the bus all the way to the shops. It is quite soggy now and I can hardly remember the drought and empty pond of a few years ago!

Park steps  Rosehips
This is one of my favourite parts, with giant trees, and lots of interesting corners, archways and mossy corners. It is best to get to the top or bottom of the steps safely before looking around at everything. There are lots of berries and rosehips for the birds all around the park.


15 November

Daffodils  Collared dove
Someone gave us a lovely bunch of miniature daffodils, but it seemed rather strange to see them in November. This collared dove lives round our gardens, and comes down for breakfast crumbs most days. I try to give him some small bits so that he can eat it before any other big pigeons get the idea and come down to gobble it up. I pull the kitchen curtains so that I can watch him without scaring him off.

18 November

Sun window Sun dawn Dawn sun on trees
Whenever I see this (1), I know I am going to find this (2), and sometimes I get a picture of this (3)! I don't like to be in bed once the sun is shining, I want to be up and doing something.

22 November

Street performer  Street performer Yoda
Here are some street performers in the shopping area, apparently floating in the air. Lots of people were taking pictures of their friends standing with them. I have painted out the people with Yoda, as it was difficult to get a clear photo with all the crowds.


24 November

Streaky dawn sky  Frost swirls
This sunrise is worth getting out of bed for, but when I saw the frosty swirls on the car roof, I quickly got back in bed, to warm up again!

Last rose  Robin
Later on when the frost had gone, I went on a tour of the garden. We still have this orange rose flowering, but I think it is too cold for the flower to open. The robin has decided ours is the best garden for breakfast, and sits on the post near the kitchen window and warbles a bit if he sees someone moving around.


25 November

Dead cut flowers  Water on nasturtium
Hmm, someone thought it was far too cold to go down to the compost heap with these dead flowers. At least it is better than having dead flowers in the house! I just love nasturtium leaves when they have drops of water in the middle. I read somewhere that the water is held up on very tiny hairs, so the water just wobbles about and slides off.

Winter jasmine  Fuchsia
There is not much in the garden, but some close up photos of the winter jasmine and the almost last fuchsia make it look a bit better than it really is!

Evening primrose last bud
We have been admiring this evening primrose all year and are hanging on for the very last flower to come out. I am sure by now there are thousands of seeds from it all over the garden.

26 November

Foggy morning  Shop window snowman
The mornings are all cold, wet and misty at the moment, and the yellow is a street lamp and not the sun coming up. This snowman is in the curtain shop, and it makes you want to buy cosy lined curtains in a warm colour, to keep the room warm.

28 November

Pigeon scrum  Speckles the pigeon
We took a pile of broken biscuits to the park. The pigeons are the best ones to eat it up, as it was mostly powdery crumbs. They don't mind and will keep pecking until it is all gone. Here is our friend Speckles joining in for the meal. Some seagulls tried to get some crumbs, but they were not brave enough to push into the pigeon scrum!


29 November

Orange dawn with fluffy sky
Here is a dawn worth making an effort for, much better than the cold foggy ones of a few days ago. The clouds look just like an upside down fluffy orange quilt on a bed.

Petts Wood Christmas Carnival  Petts Wood Christmas Carnival
At the end of the afternoon we went up to the Petts Wood Christmas Carnival. It was packed with people, and fairground rides and stalls. Everything was lit up with flashing neon lights. This Cakewalk attraction was full of people, walking around on the rocking and moving floors and bridges, and there was lots of loud music and excited children everywhere.

Petts Wood Christmas Carnival  Petts Wood Christmas Carnival
The toy stall had hundreds of prizes hanging up, and all the rides were full of children, with no empty seats anywhere.


Petts Wood Christmas Carnival  Petts Wood Christmas Carnival
This was my favourite bit, the stall where you can buy an LED coloured light wand or sword. Here is the candy floss stall looking very inviting.

Petts Wood Christmas Carnival  Petts Wood Christmas Carnival
I am sure this hot chocolate stall was selling a lot of drinks. These circular trains have Thomas the Tank faces and a bell that the children in the front can ring.

Petts Wood Christmas Carnival  Petts Wood Christmas Carnival
On this stall you have to pick up one of the floating characters with a long stick, and the number underneath tells you what prize you have won. This is the shooting gallery, and you have to knock down so many fingers to get a soft toy prize.

Reptile Events bearded dragon  Reptile Events blue-tongued skink
We were delighted to discover the Reptile Events stand here, even though it was getting much darker and nearly time to go home. Our friend Bruce the Bearded Dragon was sitting inside Jane's coat, and only coming out for a minute or two. We have a lovely new friend here, Cobalt the Blue-tongued Skink, and when I have a good photo of him, I am going to put a colouring drawing of him on our Dino's Reptiles page. He was looking very interested in everything, but stayed still on the paper for a few seconds, so we could get a good photo. I am sure we will see him again, in the daylight!


Shop window decorations
This reindeer in a shop window was turning his head left and right, as if he was looking at all the people passing by outside.

Petts Wood Christmas Carnival fireworks  Petts Wood Christmas Carnival fireworks
Just after 6, all the Christmas lights on the shops and trees were turned on and then the firework display started. It was all launched from a car park away from the crowds, so everyone everywhere just looked up to see it all, in safety.

Petts Wood Christmas Carnival fireworks  Petts Wood Christmas Carnival fireworks

Petts Wood Christmas Carnival fireworks  Petts Wood Christmas Carnival fireworks
These ones were quieter, and the second picture are the ones that whizz away in spirals. I think they are my favourite ones!

Petts Wood Christmas Carnival fireworks
It lasted about ten minutes, and ended with lots of starry bursts.


Shop window decorations
I like this shop window of the Chocolates and Sweets shop. The Christmas tree is a printed picture on a large plastic sheet, and they have put real lights in front of it. Shop windows do not always have a lot of room, so I really like it when someone has a good idea like this.

Shop window decorations  Shop window decorations
These paper stars were very lovely and I think it must be quite interesting to make some, if you make lots of pointy triangle shapes and stick them all together. In the second picture, the strings of lights were chasing downwards to look like a golden fountain. Instead of waiting for the bus, we decided to walk home, as it would keep us warm instead of waiting around. We really enjoyed seeing everything and someone remembered to bring a few chocolate biscuits in their bag to eat on the way home!

30 November

Very foggy morning 
Another really chilly foggy and very drippy wet morning.

Tulip bulbs  Tulip bulb packets
I am glad that the day cleared up a bit, but I still did not want to go out in the garden. But with the weather forecast being much colder weather ahead, I just had to get these last few bulbs into the big pot while I had the chance. Someone else patted the cold wet compost down for me! They are lovely pink stripy tulips and some snowdrops. I am really looking forward to seeing these, especially sitting in the greenhouse on a warm sunny spring morning. That is a long way away at the moment and I think I might keep the packet pictures over the winter until the real ones are coming up.




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