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1 February

Dawn sky  Ice flowers
Two nice surprises today, a colourful dawn which was worth getting up early for, and ice flowers on the greenhouse glass. I wanted to get a photo from inside as well, but the sliding door was iced up and stuck.

Ice flowers
More ice flowers.

3 February

Snow was forecast, and I sneaked a peek outside during the night. I was glad to get back in bed where our two hot water bottles were still warm, and I was hoping it didn't rain it all away before getting up time.

New snow  Snow footprints
Just the right amount of snow to tidy up the garden, but after a while footprints appeared.

Snow on pond  Robin
The pond netting has become a snowy roof. Robin was waiting for his breakfast of bird pellets and some fresh water.


7 February

Station end of line  Purley
This is Orpington Station. I know it's safe really, but I didn't really want to stand exactly here when the train came in. We went to Purley to look at the shops. I am glad they kept this old clock tower and didn't modernise it all too much.

Snowdrops  Remembrance Poppy
We took the bus to Banstead. I was pleased to see these snowdrops in All Saints Church grounds under a big tree. We had these plastic Remembrance Poppies on our trees in Bromley, but the Bansteaders have decided to keep this one up on the lamppost.

The Shard  The Shard
The Shard is right by London Bridge Station so we see it every time we pass through. It is my favourite new building in London. It looks different every time, as it reflects the sky more than other buildings. It was a very different view standing right underneath, when we went round to the new part of London Bridge Station to change trains on the way home. This picture is stitched from three separate ones, and the columns are really perfectly straight and not bending.

9 February

Cables under floorboards  Pipes under floor
New carpets have been ordered and some of the floorboards have been taken up to run new wires and cables through. We always take a picture of the underneath as a reminder of where the pipes are.

10 February

Cake candles lit  Cake candles out
We went to Auntie's birthday party, and she blew all the candles out in one go. It was a huge chocolate cake to start with, and this is the last quarter of it after the people at Auntie's church had all had a piece. It was covered in flakes of brown and white chocolate.


11 February

Paint colour test page  Chinese ink painting set
We cleared out the art and wool cupboard, so we could move the furniture out. I found this colour chart with smears from all the paint tubes. It would look good in a frame on the wall! I was very pleased to find this Chinese ink painting set as well, with ink sticks and stone dishes. I don't think I will let Dino mix the ink, it might get spread about a bit!

13 February

Talcum powder  Floorboard nail
More playing about with floorboards before the new carpets arrive. We are trying to solve a squeaky floorboard and this time we are using talcum powder on the joists. Here I am handing out the floorboard nails.

Rainy sunset
The weather was very rainy with the sun shining through just at the end of the day.

15 February

Pair of seagulls
These two seagulls have been hanging around for a couple of days, making a lot of noise, I think they are a pair looking for somewhere to nest.


17 February

Park birds  Park puddles
Lots more rainy weather. We walked through the park, and as we approached the birds came walking towards us. It is best not to stop or slow down, as they then expect bread, and I don't like to disappoint them. The ducks like to stand in the middle of the muddy puddles.

21 February

Wagon with plants  London Bridge picture
Another day out on the trains today. I really like this wagon planted up with flowers at the end of the station. I don't think the wooden sides will last much longer with wet soil in it! We went to London Bridge which they are rebuilding. The big barriers are full of computer generated pictures of how it will look. I feel as if I could just walk into this picture!

Truck picture  Purley clock
We went to Purley and in the high street was this big truck with a picture on the side, made up of food items. I especially like the roast potatoes. The town clock in Purley looks like a giant pocket watch. Purley means pear tree field.

Purley underpass  Purley underpass
Purley underpass is full of tile pictures of all the modes of transport over the years.

Purley underpass
The train was our favourite, I can almost hear the steam whistle blowing.

Redhill clock  Floor tiles
This is the town clock in Redhill, which is south of Purley. Underneath it are some big bells. We heard it striking as we ate our sandwiches at 2 o'clock. The marble floor in the shopping centre looked as if it was bumpy and we could trip over it but it was all an illusion.

Sweet shop
I just love the old-fashioned sweet shops, they always have very colourful and interesting window displays, especially of sweets from days long past. It would be very difficult to choose just one packet of goodies.


23 February

Crocus  Pulmonaria  Hellebore
The weather has been very cold and rainy, but I still have lots of early flowers in the garden - crocus, pulmonaria and hellebore. It is worth wrapping up and going out to see them before they disappear.

24 February

Robin  Sewing
We have two robins now and I hope they are nesting nearby. We don't have a shed any more but there are lots of bushes where they might nest. We spent the afternoon helping to sew some cravats for a wedding. I just love this purple colour!

25 February

Sheep  Ducks
We went to Charlton and found this Animal Park, with mostly farm animals, and also some deer. The grass had worn away to mud, so it was all rather cold and bare looking. We will definitely be coming back in warmer weather.

Peacock  Wild parakeets
This peacock was sitting on the fence preening. In the big trees in the park, we saw some wild parakeets. Two of them had found a useful hole halfway up the trunk.

Bed on floor  Varnished floorboards
We spent the night with our beds on the floorboards, as all the furniture has been moved out ready for the carpet tomorrow. It is an old house and the floorboards are painted in dark varnish round the edges, from when they used to have just a loose carpet in the middle, a long time ago.

26 February

Door hinge  Carpet
We had to take the door off and saw a bit off the bottom, so that it goes smoothly over the carpet. There are lots of big pieces left over, I think they will have to be thrown out as we can't think what to do with them that is useful!

27 February

Disco lights
This is a party we went to with the disco lights on the ceiling. I could have watched it for hours, swirling around and changing colours.



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