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4 June

Pond  Water hose in pond
I like this view of our fishpond, I pretend I am creeping up on it through a woodland and it is a surprise find! The water has to be topped up in the summer and the fish like to swim through the bubbles from the spray.

Victoria Station  The Shard  Church spire
We decided to go to Richmond Park today. This is Waterloo Station in London, with my favourite colourful trains. I like the Shard, it is not so looming as some of the bigger buildings. It looks like a church spire, but it is much taller.

Fencing with objects
In Richmond we found this wall covered in old objects. The hospital will soon have new railings and they let the person decorate the temporary fencing. It was very interesting.

Richmond Park map noticeboard  Park wildlife noticeboard
Richmond Park is very big, which means it was not at all crowded. Brown Teddy and I like to read the wildlife notices. Someone had a good time making the drawing for it and they had to get every animal in somewhere.

Open parkland  Shady parkland
There are lots of big open spaces and shady ones as well.

ID tag on tree  Hollow tree
All the trees have an ID tag, so the foresters know which one they have on their maintenance plan. Blue Parrot was delighted to find this huge tree with a hole and a hollow middle.

Rhododendron yellow  Rhododendron giant white
We went to Isabella Plantation which is full of rhododendrons and azaleas. We missed the display, which happens in May, but we found quite a few bushes still flowering. The yellow was my favourite. The white one has flowers bigger than my head. I could wear it as a hat!

Streamlet  Little weir
This little stream runs through the middle, with lots of weirs and ferns everywhere. We enjoyed the gurgling noise as we sat by the side and had our snack.


Peg's Pond  Peg's Pond overflow
Further on we found Peg's Pond and fed the ducks with a few bits we had left over. Round the other side is an overflow part which you can stand on.

Ornamental duck  Ornamental duck female
There were quite a few of these ornamental ducks, looking very shiny in the sunlight. I think the duller one must be a female.

To one side is a grassy area where people were having their picnics. This crow was wandering about looking for scraps and someone threw bits over their shoulder for him. I think if they had left their plate unattended, he would have helped himself!

Gate to Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park  Richmond Park exit gate
We left the Plantation by this gate and I think it is meant to look like a peacock feather. This is the gate that leads out to the roads and traffic, which was quite noisy after all the quiet of the park. We got a bus to Central London.

Waterloo Station
Waterloo Station was getting busy and we got our train home just before the rush hour started.

5 June

Sun and storm clouds  Sunray through storm clouds
I looked out of the kitchen window really early and found the storm clouds had half eaten the sun! The sunbeam came through the hole in the cloud a few minutes later.


6 June

Oriental Poppy  Seed pots in greenhouse
My first Oriental Poppy has come out today, the casing pops off suddenly when the sun dries it out in the morning. My seeds are coming up in the greenhouse and I have moved them from the shady area under the seat to the sunny corner, so they don't grow too long and thin.

Battersea Power Station  Victoria Station
Today we went to Battersea Park in south west London. Here is the old Battersea Power Station, being made into housing. It's the one that was always described as looking like an upside down wooden table, with the four legs up in the air! Victoria Station was decorated with Union Jack flags.

Battersea Park map  Battersea Park
The park is quite big and we went round the lake first. There are lots of trees and little railings around the lake, so it was a bit frustrating finding somewhere to get to the water's edge.

Battersea Park  Battersea Park
As we were standing by the fountain pools, the jets of water came on suddenly without warning. They got high very quickly and we ran off to keep the camera dry! We had to admire it all from the far end. You just can't tell which way the wind will blow all the mist.

Battersea Park  Battersea Park
This big shrub planter I think must represent flames. I like the bench, it looks quite comfortable for resting the back of the head, although a bit hard to sit on for too long.

Albert Bridge  Thames by Albert Bridge
We left the park and walked along the Thames to the Albert bridge. The water was at low tide and someone was walking around on the shore with a metal detector.

7 June

Goldfinch  Compost bins
This goldfinch has helped me identify a birdsong we keep hearing. He landed on the telephone wire outside the window and sang the same song. Later on we dug out the compost bins, the waste plants have turned into lovely clean soil.

Sparrows  Starlings
The sparrows having a bath. Soon the starlings arrived, with all their fighting and shrieking. they left the water very muddy and half gone!

7 June

Handel rose  Goldfinch
I had forgotten I had this rose, it is Handel and the edges are all shocking pink with whitish middles. Here is the goldfinch again, showing his colours better.


11 June

Greenwich  Greenwich
Today we went to Greenwich. This enormous cruise ship is called "Albatros". It is bigger than the road we live in! We sat in the warm sun and watched the river traffic. It was mostly the Thames clippers which go quite fast.

Greenwich  Greenwich
This chain is absolutely enormous, as shown by the size of the pigeon. These wooden posts are rotting away, I don't think they will last much longer.

Greenwich  Deptford Creek
We walked further along towards Deptford Creek. This Walk is named after a ship. The gull had a good warm spot on top of the post.

Peter The Great monument  Peter The Great monument
This is the statue of Peter the Great of Russia who visited in 1698 to learn shipbuilding. The statue is a bit strange with a big body and tiny head, but I liked the fancy chair and all its decoration.

Cutty Sark Greenwich
I always like to see the Cutty Sark sailing on its sea of glass in deep blue and I wish I could see it in full sail, preferably a windy day so they fill out.


13 June

Carter's Steam Fair  Carter's Steam Fair
Today we went to see Carter's Steam Fair in Bel Air Park in Dulwich, in south London. All these fairground rides have been rescued and renovated and they are all powered by steam engines. I could not take my eyes off all the lovely paintwork, especially the Gallopers horses. The organ is steam powered as well.

Carter's Steam Fair  Carter's Steam Fair
This is the Chair-O-Planes, with seats on chains. The Jungle Thriller is an up and down ride which is very noisy and rumbly.

Carter's Steam Fair  Carter's Steam Fair
We have never seen these before, the Steam Yachts, two giant boats that swing up and down. Here is the steam engine in the middle.

Carter's Steam Fair  Carter's Steam Fair
This is the Dive Bomber, like airplane cockpits. The individual cockpits rotate as well, so that the passengers don't end up upside down when they are the top.


Carter's Steam Fair  Carter's Steam Fair
This is my favourite, called The Octopus. The cars spin round individually, and the arms go up and down as well as round. There was also a children's Octopus ride.

Carter's Steam Fair  Carter's Steam Fair
Another children's ride. All the rides have portraits of famous people and here is Queen Victoria on the Gallopers ride.

Carter's Steam Fair
The Dodgems had lots of good 1950's music, very loud so it can be heard over the noise of the bumper cars. I like to watch for sparks at the top of the rods.

Carter's Steam Fair  Carter's Steam Fair
This is the smallest of the three Strikers, where you hit the button with a mallet and try to ring the bell at the top. The Swing Boats are a bit more peaceful, as they are controlled by the passengers pulling on the ropes, so mostly they don't go very fast or too high.

Carter's Steam Fair  Carter's Steam Fair
All the trucks were vintage ones as well, and this big one has halves of a galloper at the back and front ends.

New Leaf, Dulwich  New Leaf, Dulwich
We went back to the railway station and passed this New Leaf Educational Garden. All the faces of people from natural history were painted on the shop shed - including Charles Darwin and David Attenborough. I think it needs a little weeding now, and the pond filling up again. New Leaf helps people learn nature and gardening skills.


18 June

This is the  River Cray passing through Crayford. The pigeons were all bathing in the shallows at the side but they flew away by the time I got the camera on that part. Cray means clear and the river is clear all along its length.

Dartford Central Park  Dartford Library Central Park
This is Central Park in Dartford. The bedding changes all the time, and after a while I realised the picture was of the library building which is almost opposite.

Dartford Central Park  Dartford Central Park
I really like the rose garde, as they have lots of very big and tall pillars. All the roses were out and this is my favourite, it looks like a very hot coal fire!

Dartford Central Park  Dartford market
We sat opposite the rose garden and had our snack. This dunnock sat in a tree nearby and did a lot of singing before flying into the low bushes. This is Dartford market. It has loads of stuff all very cheap and I like to look around for garden plants here.

Dartford railway station
This is Dartford Railway Station, I like this building as it is all blue and violet, and blends in with the sky.

Erith  Erith
Here we are at Erith, having our 2nd snack. The river is quite wide here and so there is a lot of open sky and big spaces. On the right is Erith Deep Wharf pier in the distance.

Erith  Erith
We watched the wind turbines in the distance, and the cormorants on the buoy.

Erith  Erith
We walked along to the pier. There is a lot of shallow mud at the edges at Erith and so they have long slipways to get to boats. The mud is very deep and dangerous. This plaque tells about the Pilgrim Ferry that was here 900 years ago.

Erith  Erith
We walked out onto to Erith Deep Wharf pier and watched the ships go by. I like it when there is a big ship as it is followed by the big waves coming to shore. I like to know the names and we have to use the camera zoom as a binocular!

Erith  Erith
Brown Teddy and I shared our last piece of bread with a few pigeons. We put some crumbs on the low wall and watched to see which ones would notice it and jump up to get it.


20 June

St Paul's Cathedral
We took the train to Central London on our way to North London. These are the lovely roses around St Paul's Cathedral. I am sure St Paul is very pleased with them!

Salmon & Ball pub sign, Bethnal Green  Salmon & Ball pub, Bethnal Green
When we are on the bus, I like to look for unusual names. This is the Salmon and Ball pub in Bethnal Green. At that time they could catch salmon in the River Thames, and the ball of wool is a reference to the cloth merchants who lived here.

Dinsoaurs, Stratford  Dinsoaurs, Stratford
We got to Stratford and went into the shopping centre. We were delighted to find a dinosaurs exhibition with big models. All the children were having a great time. Lots of peple were putting their head in the dinosaur's mouth and having their picture taken.

Dinsoaurs, Stratford  Basket planter, Ilford
There was a sandpit with a model dinosaur skeleton so the children can play at finding it. We went on to Ilford. I like this wicker basket with the flowers in a side street, I think they want everyone to shop as much as possible!

Stratford steam engine  Stratford steam engine  Startford steam engine
Back at Stratford, outside the railway station is an old steam engine called Robert. I think it wants to be restored and in working order somewhere with more rails, as it it not used to standing still all the time.

Rain  Rain on fishpond
Once we were back home, there was heavy rain. The fish like it as they dart around looking for flies that are washed into the pond.

21 June

Young robin
This is the first young robin I have seen this year. He has decided my garden is a good place to look for dinners, especially as there are lots of shrubs and corners to investigate, all in quiet and safety.


22 June

Greenhouse  Wood pigeon
We sat in the greenhouse for a bit, although it was getting hotter all the time. It is a good place to watch the birds walking up and down the grass, as long as we don't move too quickly.

Cloudy sky  Spartan apples
Just for once I was glad to have some clouds, to keep things a bit cool. These are my Spartan apples growing. I was not pleased to see there were lots of woolly aphids all over the tree. The best thing is to blast them off with the jet setting on the hose. I must keep more of an eye on this tree in future!

24 June

Ducklings  Moorhen chicks on nest
In the park the ducklings are now looking more like ducks and less cute. The moorhens always nest in this place under the overhanging branches in the lower pond. I think they build each time on the remains of the old nest.

25 June


Tram  Tram
We had a day's outing to Morden Hall Park in Surrey. We the train to Beckenham and then two different trams. The green tram stops right outside the park entrance at Phipps Bridge.

Morden Hall Park  Morden Hall Park
The park is full of grassy areas and big trees and lots of criss-crossing paths. This one has obviously been struck by lightning. I am glad I was not there at the time! This is the River Wandle, which flows through the park in several different sized streams. It is very clear water.

Morden Hall Park  Morden Hall Park
This is just near the waterwheel, and I like this little building right on the water's edge. The water was making a lot of sound, but the wheel is not in use and the water goes under it without touching.

Morden Hall Park  Morden Hall Park
We went into the Stable Yard where there is a good second-hand bookshop. It had lots of wooden box planters full of Californian Poppies. Back past the mill and into the rose garden, I was really pleased to see a whole bed full of deep red poppies. I will definitely be getting a seed packet of them next year for my garden and put them all in one place in a hot sunny place.

Morden Hall Park
The rose gardens were in full bloom and people were sitting about having picnics.

Morden Hall Park  Morden Hall Park
This is an Iceberg rose which I also have at home. It has a good scent. One of the streams runs through the middle of the rose garden.

Morden Hall Park  Morden Hall Park
Further up the river, Brown Teddy wanted a photo of the whole tall nubbly tree. This is a picture taken on the panorama setting, with the camera held sideways. Now the tree looks even taller!

Morden Hall Park  Morden Hall Park
This Mitcham Parish marker is under one of the big trees. Here is an overflow part, with a stream going off to the right. At the moment the water is gushing through a low down pipe, but it would be interesting in winter when the water flows over the top.

Morden Hall Park  Morden Hall Park
Further long we spent some time watching a coot family on their nest, and sharing our crumbs with some ducklings.

Morden Hall Park  Morden Hall Park
I like this part as it has lots of little streams and little bridges over the ditches. Finally we came upon the park map, after we had seen it all! Sometimes you see things on the map that you missed, and I just don't like to miss anything on my days out. You can see the river splits up and goes all over the park. The River Wandle gave its name to the London area called Wandsworth.

Our tram arriving at Phipps Bridge to take us back to Croydon.


27 June

Carter's steam fair  Carter's steam fair
We went to Clissold Park in North London to have another look at Carter's Steam Fair. I could hardly wait to finish the snack! We wanted to get more photos and found a new ride that wasn't at the other event, the Hurricane Jets.

Carter's steam fair  Carter's steam fair
The riders can make the planes go up or down and the hydraulic canisters hiss very loudly.

Carter's steam fair  Carter's steam fair
My favourite is still the Chair-O-Planes. You can't miss Carter's vehicles, they are all very brightly painted. I think the painted horse on top likes to travel around the country, instead of just going round and round on the ride!

Carter's steam fair
All their lorries are vintage ones, and very clean and smartly painted. They look like new toys straight out of the box.

Tower Bridge
We got the train home at Cannon Street, and this is Tower Bridge as we crossed the Thames.

29 June

A better picture of my goldfinch friend who sits on the wire outside the window to sing.




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