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Diary 2015 November


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1 November

Misty morning  Crab apples
More misty mornings. It soon cleared and went to the boot sale on the farm. Behind the stalls are some trees and I think this is a crab apple.

2 November

Misty pond in park  Autumn ducks and geese
Another misty start to the day. The birds in the park are getting used to there not being many people about now the weather has changed.

Misty spider webs
These dew covered spider webs were everywhere. I suppose they are there every morning but you can't see them when it is dry.

6 November

Climbing wall
I like look out of the train window on our journeys and I just got a glimpse of this climbing wall and grass-covered roof leading up to it. Someone didn't want to waste a very useful space!

Snowing Christmas tree  Shop window polar bears
This Christmas tree is snowing, with tiny polystyrene balls blowing out of the top and going into the umbrella below. I like these two little polar bears, one is looking through the shop window as if he wants to go down the road to see what's there.

Fudge stall  Fruit juice stall
Inside the shopping arcade was a very long stall with lots of plate of coloured fudge. Next to it was something a lot healthier, fresh fruit juices. But we all like fudge as well!

7 November

Making sandwiches
On our days out, I always get the sandwiches ready and a banana and a drink.

Sewing machine museum Balham  Sewing machine museum Balham
We went to the sewing machine museum in Balham in South London. There are two big rooms, the first one with every type of sewing machine imaginable, including lots of industrial ones. The second room has more delicate ones and other objects in glass cases. There is just so much to see, and it is all very interesting.

Sewing machine museum Balham  Sewing machine museum Balham
This machine is for leather and shoes, and the second one is for buttonholes.

Sewing machine museum Balham  Sewing machine museum Balham
This is a sewing machine made to look like a lion. The head is on a hinge so you can thread up the machine for sewing. The next one looks like a fire hydrant, a novelty but not pretty at all.

Sewing machine museum Balham  Sewing machine museum Balham
I like this one, a hand-held stitcher. I can imagine someone stitching up sacks with that. Here is a cabinet full of the underneath parts, such as the bobbin and bobbin carrier.

Sewing machine museum Balham  Sewing machine museum Balham
There were lots of ladies machines with gold patterns and mother-of-pearl type inlay. This cabinet has very tiny ceramic plants, but I don't think anyone could ever have played with them, they are too fragile.

Fireworks evening
In the evening a nearby garden had some fireworks. I like the effect of lighting up my greenhouse!

9 November

Poppies in tree  Poppies
All the street trees in Bromley High Street were covered in giant plastic poppies, for Remembrance Day.

12 November

Garden bottom corner  Evening primrose
My garden is nearly ready for winter and most of the jobs are done. This is the bottom corner that used to be compost bins and rubbishy things. It is now very tidy and I can put a seat down here in summer. The evening primroses are doing very well with an endless supply of big yellow flowers. It seeds itself everywhere so I will not have to plant any, I just pull out the ones we don't want.

Pyracantha berries  Skimmia berries
There are loads of berries on the pyracantha plants, more than enough for our blackbirds. The skimmias have berries as well but I don't know if the birds eat them.


14 November

St Paul's Cathedral
Today we visited St Paul's Cathedral. It is the biggest building I have ever seen, and everything is white marble and gold.

St Paul's Cathedral  St Paul's Cathedral
There are beautiful paintings and mosaics everywhere on the ceilings, and gold everywhere. It is better to zoom in the camera so you can see the detail when you get home!

St Paul's Cathedral  St Paul's Cathedral
In the centre was the organist's keyboard, with some glass doors locked over the front of it. How do they remember what all the stops are for? Especially as there is no time to read the labels whilst playing! Further on behind a red velvet curtain we saw this brass candle snuffer.

St Paul's Cathedral  St Paul's Cathedral
This is where the choir sits, near the top altar end. Behind the altar are three huge stained glass windows.

St Paul's Cathedral  St Paul's Cathedral
This is the centre front of the embroidered altar cloth. I know it's a dove but it reminds me of a seagull who has seen something on the beach to eat! Back near the centre and off to one side is the famous picture The Light Of The World by Holman Hunt. It has doors on each side to close over the picture to keep it safe from damage or fading.

St Paul's Cathedral  St Paul's Cathedral
Nearby is a long embroidery in a glass case, in remembrance of fallen soldiers. I think they look like love birds with their pink faces.


St Paul's Cathedral  St Paul's Cathedral
We went up the Whispering Gallery inside the dome, where you can look down on the central floor. Unfortunately they do not allow photos to be taken there, I think people might drop their cameras on the people below, or lean over too far! Then we went up more stone steps to the outside parapet, which is very big and wide with a tall stone wall all around. But you can see everything through the little columns.

Lord Mayor's Show  Lord Mayor's Show
Suddenly we noticed that we could see the Lord Mayor's Show from our high up position, so we stayed there a long time to get photos and video. It was very good not to be at the back of a crowd and seeing nothing much!

Lord Mayor's Show  Lord Mayor's Show

Lord Mayor's Show
Further round the other side of the parapet we could look down on where the people were getting out of the Mayor's gold coach.

St Paul's Cathedral  St Paul's Cathedral
Then we went up 152 steps to the Golden Gallery on the very top cupola. It was mostly spiral iron staircase, but not squashed in because there was lots of space around us, and it was very interesting to see the building from the inside. We felt like the pigeons who sit on the rooftops and we could see all of London and the Thames, and all the landmarks.

St Paul's Cathedral  St Paul's Cathedral
What goes up must come down. In the photo the cupola doesn't look so high, but now I know it is! The other structure is the seats for the dignitaries watching the Lord Mayor's get out of his coach at the end of the procession.

Lord Mayor's Show
We didn't expect to see any more of the show, so we made our way to the Millennium Bridge, but unexpectedly saw the procession on its way back and got a good close-up view of the golden coach itself! We were absolutely delighted, and no crowds to stop us getting good pictures.

Millennium Bridge  Pigeon on Millennium Bridge
By now it was raining and we came over the Millennium Bridge. There were lots of damp looking pigeons sitting around on the cables and I could not work out why they would sit there in the rain. I think maybe it is a good place from which to see if any other pigeons have found some food and then they can fly off and join in.


16 November

Birthday cake
What a nice surprise, a friend saved me a piece of birthday cake - jam sponge with icing, one of my favourites. Brown Teddy, Blue Parrot, Dino and I had a little piece each covered in raspberry yogurt.

21 November

London Underground
Today we went to the Winter Wonderland Christmas funfair in Hyde Park. I really like these undergrounds where the platform has doors as well. It is a lot safer and there is no gap between the platform and the train.

Green Park London  Green Park London
We had to change underground trains but could not get on our final one, so we decided to walk. This is Green Park and someone with a bag of bread had the attention of lots of pigeons, all lined up on the railings. It is a very countryside looking park in the middle of London.

RAF Bomber Command Memorial  RAF Bomber Command Memorial
At the far end we came across the memorial to Royal Air Force Bomber Command. It is quite big and the inside part where the statues are actually has a gap above instead of a solid roof, so the airmen have sky over them.

Winter Wonderland Hyde Park  Winter Wonderland Hyde Park
I could spent hours watching the skaters go round the bandstand. It was mid afternoon and it was quite crowded. There will be more people when it gets dark though.

Winter Wonderland Hyde Park  Winter Wonderland Hyde Park
Lots of music and neon lights, and plenty of chocolate goods in every size and shape.

Winter Wonderland Hyde Park  Winter Wonderland Hyde Park
No shortage of sweets! We will definitely be coming back another time, and during the dark, when it is very much more interesting.


24 November

Demolition crane
Some demolition is going on in the shopping centre, and a friendly long-necked dinosaur is doing all the work!

28 November

Ruxley Garden Centre  Ruxley Garden Centre
A visit to the garden centre at Ruxley. The two reindeer were sitting quietly being admired by excited children. This angel decoration was holding a lace posy with a lovely white bird in the middle.

Ruxley Garden Centre
I like this nativity scene, it looks like the guests have left and the wind is getting up. Time to go inside and snuggle down behind the hay bales!

Ruxley Garden Centre model village  Ruxley Garden Centre model village
I really like all the model village things in the big glass display case. This man is shovelling snow and there is a little clear patch in front of him, but probably not for long! I can't work out what the steam tractor is doing, maybe delivering coal to the houses.

Ruxley Garden Centre model village  Ruxley Garden Centre model village
These figures are chopping wood for their cosy log fire at home. I expect the work of chopping is keep them quite warm though. This family has just bought a Christmas tree and is taking it home on their horse drawn cart. I am glad that someone has put down a bit of green grass for the horse to nibble at whilst waiting for the cart to be loaded.


28 November

Petts Wood Christmas Carnival  Petts Wood Christmas Carnival
This is Petts Wood Christmas Carnival. It started at noon but we went there after dark. This is the crazy house with moving steps and wobbly walkways.

Petts Wood Christmas Carnival  Petts Wood Christmas Carnival
There was a lot of noise of everyone enjoying themselves and different bits of music everywhere.

Petts Wood Christmas Carnival  Petts Wood Christmas Carnival
I enjoyed the rock music band singing School's Out and other well known songs. They were really good and had the full costume and sparkly long hair wigs. This is the pick up a duck stall to win a prize.

Petts Wood Christmas Carnival  Petts Wood Christmas Carnival
The helter skelter was a new one this year, and very interesting being all lit up and see-through, so you can see people climbing up. I like the one way sign, but it is pointing backwards from the skelter spiral! This Christmas tree had a lamp post behind it and it would have been better to take a picture so it appeared on top.

Petts Wood Christmas Carnival  Petts Wood Christmas Carnival
Last of all were the fireworks, which were very colourful with lots going on and lots of whizzbangs. I am glad it did not rain, as the weather forecast said it might.

30 November

Christmas grotto  Christmas grotto
This is the entrance to the grotto in Bexleyheath shopping centre. It is a bit early in the season for the children to want to queue up and see inside, but everything is ready for when it opens.

Pond fish
Today we took in some pond fish from our neighbours who are moving away. I think the new fish will be very happy as our pond is bigger and deeper than their old one, and they have a lot more new friends. I think a bit of extra food is a good idea to help them settle in happily.




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