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Diary 2017 January


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1 January

It's midnight and the fireworks are about to start.

I just got these on video before the camera battery went. This was a really big one in a garden nearby, so much better pictures than in previous years.

3 January

Frosty weather has started, with a thin covering on the birdbath and pond. This is our regular white wing pigeon. He is very well behaved and polite, no flocks of friends accompanying him, so he gets special treatment.

8 January

Our regular robin outside the kitchen window. Sitting up here is territorial, but when he is waiting for food he sits inside the shrub a little further down, but still level with the window.


9 January

Chilly weather means its time to open one of the Christmas choc boxes. Dino's favourite had to be the orange one but that wasn't the only one he ate.

11 January

A lovely sunset, before the colder weather comes tomorrow.


12 January

As forecast, heavy snow began falling in the evening. Here is the pond netting sagging under the snow.

13 January

The snow soon fell from the pond nets. The fish stay down the bottom when it is cold.

Under the hedges is clear so the birds can find their pellets. This is a female blackbird, a sparrow and some wood pigeons.

16 January

A great day out on the trains. We went to another area of London to look round the shops. The trains are the best part though, especially when they are bright red.


17 January

We walked past the church yard on the way to the park. I thought this white and grey blob was a big goose sitting there, but it is the dirty remains of a snowball from a few days ago.

The swans are snow white, and quiet. This ornamental goose was up in one of the big trees and making quite a racket.

We went on to Danson Park. It looks like countryside in this picture. There is a lake in the distance.

We fed the crows, who always notice when someone throws something, even if they are a long way away or high up in the trees. They like to stand around on these rocks until the bread lands near to them.

Time for some more of the Christmas chocolates, these look like pound coins.


18 January

When I get up I peep round the curtains to see what the sky is doing.

Another frosty night, but the sun soon made it disappear. The pyracantha berries are disappearing, some bunches are now just stalks, and the lower bunches are beginning to go. It is mostly the blackbirds eating them.

22 January

An even colder night. The ice pieces are beginning to build up where we clear the birdbath every morning. The two clear circles in the pond are where the streams of bubbles come up from the green aerator tubes.

26 January

This magpie didn't fly away until we were almost up to him. I think he knew we wanted a photo.




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