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Diary 2017 June


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3 June

Today we went to the park in Bexley. It was quite hot so we kept to the shady areas. These are the sweet williams in the cut flower and vegetable garden. There are lots of spaces but they will fill up fast as the gardeners put more in.

The yew box shapes have been cut down to the ground, and just like the notice says, they are all sprouting. I think it won't be long before they are looking big and solid again.

The blackbird kept coming back for more bread and flying off with it.

4 June

Some lovely birthday cake, and it looks like a bite has been taken out of the chocolate one.

9 June

One of our new robins finding spiders on the window sill. Later on, sunning himself in a hot sunny corner, and he stayed there for quite a while.


14 June

My apples and pears are coming on well, but it helps to take the camera in close, so they look quite big!

We went to Morden Hall Park in south west London. It was quite hot in the full sun. This seat would have been too hot a place to sit, and we looked for one in the shade.

This tree is well protected in its "cage". We all love this little part of the river, with a small path that goes over it, and the river goes under the path through a little tunnel.

This is the rose garden, with another little river running through it. Here is a good crossing place if you don't mind taking your shoes and socks off and treading on the gravel.

At the far end is the old mill house, and here is the waterwheel, now stationary although the water still rushes through underneath.

In the children's play area is this boat shaped seat with carvings on the side. This part of the river is behind the mill house, where the river is coming up towards the waterwheel. 

We walked further back along the river, and it was very cool and shady, and quiet with not many people about. I am glad the blue dragonfly stayed still long enough to get a picture of it.

I like these little plank bridges over the muddy water channels, but you have to go carefully as there is only a rail on one side. Then we came to a part where the grass was about 2 metres high and we had to push our way through.

Fallen logs are left lying about and this one is full of beetle holes. There was fluff flying everywhere and it was coming off the willow trees.

16 June

This is the wood pigeon's regular habit, to sit and soak, and raise one wing then the other. The water definitely needs changing after that.

19 June

Blackbird sunning himself and a collared dove sitting low down in the wet morning grass.


23 June

This is metal openwork picture outside Nunhead station, it is very realistic as there are lots of trees, plants and grasses growing alongside the tracks. We were on our way to Telegraph Hill Park. The square on the map is where the old telegraphic semaphore station was in 1795, to signal messages from the Navy ships on the coast up to headquarters in London.

The park is quite small but there are good views across the city.

We went on to Lower Telegraph Hill Park. Here is a ceramic plinth, made by local school children, dedicated to the Nigerian slave Equiano Olaudah who lived in the seventeen hundreds.

At the top of the mound is a fantastic slide down through the shrubs. Lower down are these circles on ball socket joints that children roll around in.

Then we went to Southwark Park which is much bigger. It was getting hotter, and we were glad of the shady trees. The geese on the lake getting bread from a visitor.

This pigeon was hoping to sit here, nearer the bread, but it was very slippery for him. There were lots of pigeons lazing around on the dusty ground beside the lake.

Then we came to the flowery part. This is a large semicircular garden with flowers and pergolas.

This looks like the sun blazing down on us. The pergolas were dark and shady with grapevines all over, and tiny grapes starting to grow.


This is wisteria, which can break up the bricks of the plinth over time. In the lake is a big sculpture of dolphins leaping up. The ducks take no notice, and a coot had made a nest at the base of the dolphins.

Further on we came to a drinking fountain, but not working, and then the big bandstand. We left Southwark Park and crossed a very busy road to another small park.

This is the end part of King's Stairs Park, leading up to the riverside.

Upriver we could see all the big buildings of the city centre, the Shard to the left and Tower Bridge in the middle.

We walked down Rotherhithe Street. All the old wharf buildings are now apartments, and they leave the cranes and other stuff in place, as part of history. The old pub has a milestone in the wall that says London Bridge 2 Miles.

Further on we came to the Brunel Museum and outside are these two seats made up like Brunel bridges. The grey one has a train crossing the bridge.

Marc Brunel built the Thames Tunnel here, used for the trains. The museum is located in the old engine house.

In the museum garden is this seating area. It looks like ribs of a ship. This is a priming pump from Surrey Docks and looks as if it is about to walk away!

We caught our train at Rotherhithe Station. Above and behind the girders of the modern station you can still see the old Victorian brickwork looking very dark and grimy


24 June

This little train seat is outside Herne Hill Station. We took a bus to Peckham Rye Common. You can't miss Carter's Fair, they always have these notice trolleys at various points on the edges of the park they are in.

The Octopus is our favourite. This Whip was very noisy as the wheels rumbled and skidded over the metal floor.

We spent most time watching the Dodgems, which always has lots of Fifties music with it.

The Carousel was more gentle with old time organ music. There was this full size one and a smaller one for very young children.

We just love the Chair-O-Planes and sometimes a shoe comes off!

One man actually got the bell to ding on this hammer game! I like the smiling fish, he is enjoying all the games and the attention from the children.

The is a very rare Steam Boats ride and still runs on steam. It has two boats and a big steam engine in the middle. The boats swing up and down, getting almost vertical at the top of each swing. This is the organ between the two boats.

We went round several times and eventually left to go home when it started to rain a little. We always take one last photo as we come away!.

28 June

Lots of heavy rain overnight and all my plants are weighed down by the water drops, but they will soon be upright again. We really needed the rain after all the hot and dry weather. It will swell the apples. These are Spartan, which are going their dark red and getting bigger.




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