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1 January

We all slept a bit late after staying up till midnight. First of all I had to go out to the greenhouse and put some covers on the chairs in there, because drips of rain were blowing in, with all the high winds. We spent the day taking down the Christmas decorations, but we leave up all the lights for most of January and sometimes longer.

I always save all the cards with robins and snow, and make a gallery of them on the wall. All the Christmas food and sweets have been finished, but then we remembered this lovely iced cake, so we had to start on it while it was still slightly Christmas.

6 January

We went to Greenwich Peninsula. The big buildings are big and colourful but can be a bit confusing to look at with all the patterns, these little pods are more my size.

We watched the cable cars, and then walked along to this big metal sculpture, and you can just see the figure of a person if you are at the right angle.

There are reed beds all along, to protect the edges of the river, and they are a welcome bit of nature amongst all the new building going on. The wind coming off the river was very chilly.

More confusing things, a wall full of stripes that seem to jump, although I think a "jumper" would be a good place to have these patterns! This building is the chief culprit being very difficult to look at comfortably, the tiles seem to be running all over the building instead of keeping still!


9 January

We all went to a friends for someone's birthday and the walnut cake was very delicious, just the best thing to eat in an armchair in a warm room on a cold winter's day.

12 January

We went shopping in Romford, north of the river Thames. This is a sloping road for cars to get to the rooftop car park. It is not a tube but is open on top, as I saw some car roofs going past. What a wonderful ski slope it would make, if there is a day when the car park is shut!

20 January

We remembered the spare Christmas pudding and decided to open it. We could only eat half between us, and I am glad to say the custard was good and thick. The idea is that you should be able to stand the spoon upright in and it doesn't fall over immediately!


21 January

The weather has been cold and wet for some days now, but there are a few things in the garden looking good. This is a skimmia with fresh berries and tiny flowerheads for the next lot of berries.

The winter pansies are beginning to come out but they have been beaten down a bit by the heavy rain. The winter jasmine is doing well although they have been frosted and are looking rather limp.

I grew the aubrietia last year, to get flowers this spring, but it has been putting up a few flowers all the time. There is just one lonely daisy on the lawn, I think it is a leftover, not a fresh new one.

A few crocuses are planning to flower just as soon as we have a sunny day, but I don't think this one will last much longer, especially if those droplets turn to frost. I have taken the lid off this pot of bulbs, and we will see what all those unidentified bulbs are, mostly daffodils and crocus, but who knows what else will come up! A lot of them were very small so there will be many that just put up only leaves.

The fish spend nearly all their time lurking on the bottom of the pond, where the water is slightly warmer. They like their foam lily leaves and I have seen some hiding directly under them.

Every morning as soon as someone goes to the kitchen, our robin flies to his perch in this bush outside the kitchen window, waiting for his pellets. There are several wood pigeons who wait around for food. They get a few bits, and then extra if the weather is really cold. I think they are getting a bit lazy about it at the moment.


27 January

We went to New Malden for shopping. This pigeon scrum is probably all about a really tiny bit of bread or biscuit. On New Malden Station we saw some daffodils out on the platform flower bed, obviously an extra warm place, being in full sun and surrounded by asphalt and stone that gets warm in the sunshine.

We went on to Kingston. This old telephone box art display is in a side street and the boxes are filled with sand to prevent theft. Last time we were here, we saw starlings walk into the cafe for crumbs, as well as jumping around the vacated tables. Nothing has changed then!

We watched the river while we ate our sandwiches, but did not stay too long as there were no seats, the grey clouds came over and the wind was getting cold.

We couldn't give the swan any titbits as there were a lot of pigeons watching us from the roof.




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