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When I find something I really like, I always take a photo. Then on a quiet evening I can go through the pictures and remember them all.

Solar powered butterfly light
Here is my solar powered butterfly light. I always have a look at it through the kitchen window before I go to bed.

Musical box front  Musical box back  Yellow Teddy playing the music
This musical box plays Teddy Bears Picnic, except it misses out the last few notes because there was not enough room on the cylinder. It was in an old toy that fell apart. In the middle picture, you can see the pin-cylinder at bottom right and the picking comb at bottom left. The spring is in the round compartment at top right.

The music is the chorus and words go like this:

Picnic time for teddy bears,
The little teddy bears are having a lovely time today.
Watch them, catch them unawares,
And see them picnic on their holiday.

Wrapping paper  Screen with new wallpaper
This is a little piece of wrapping paper we have had for years and years. The picture on it is of some embroidery. I would like a blanket like this on my bed but it would take too long to make. Instead I have it as desktop wallpaper and it is just the right size to have the icons all around the edges.

Marbles  Dino typing with two claws
Dino has donated a picture of his marbles and says please use it as desktop wallpaper if you like it. Dino can type with a total of four claws but the result is still illegible!

Rainbow on carpet  Rainbow on wall!!
This rainbow came from a mirror with shaped edges in the bedroom. The sun comes in at one angle and the rainbow came out the room at another angle. You have to be quick with the camera in case the sun goes in. The second picture is another rainbow climbing the wall.

Yellow Teddy wearing a rainbow  Yellow Teddy at mirror
I like wearing rainbows! Here is the mirror with the edges that are making the rainbow. I stood in the rainbow and walked back to the mirror until I got to where it was coming from.

Yellow Teddy with USB mini aquarium
Look at this fantastic present from Mr Webmaster! It is a miniature aquarium that plugs into the computer. It has two plastic jellyfish that go round and round in the water. When we have finished reading our books in bed, we watch Jelly (blue) and Jolly (yellow) until our eyes get sleepy and then someone turns it off. It reminds me of lovely holidays and rock pools with shrimps and crabs.

Road sign
At first I thought this road sign meant Go Both Ways! I think it really means Go Left Or Right But Not Middle.

Apple tree stump fungus  Spartan apples
This is the stump of my old apple tree with fungus growing. It looks like an owl's feathers and I really like the pattern. The pieces are very hard and the good news is that they are rotting down the stump which makes it easier to get out.

We replaced the old tree with a new one a few metres away. It is called Spartan and every year it has loads of dark red apples on it. It fruited the first year after planting and we did not have to wait years for the apples to start coming. There are no chemicals on my apples and there were no bugs either. Well done Spartan!

P.S. Brown Teddy likes Russet apples because they are brown and sweet like him!

Russet apple  Cox apple Cox are next best to Spartan for me.

Cycle route waymarker Rochester  Cycle route waymarker Gravesend
This is a waymarker in Rochester High Street for the National Cycle Route. As the river is not far away, I thought it was supposed to be a fish. The second one is in Gravesend and says that Inverness is 1,111 miles away. They would be very handy to lean your bike against while reading them. Cyclists need to know how far it is to the next town, so that they can decide if their legs have enough energy to get there before teatime.

This is a bike shelter at St Mary Cray Railway Station. The sloping window part keeps people dry while they are locking their bikes. If I had space, I would really like to have one of these in my garden. I would fill in the end sections with tomato plants in grow-bags and put a giant sunflower by each of the four big posts. We could all sit out in the warm summer rain and have a picnic without getting wet.

I saw this wind vane in the shopping arcade in Maidstone. The central part with the circles and face goes round in the wind and powers the light underneath. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a smaller one in the garden, to put with my solar powered butterfly light. Of course, it would need a friendlier face and more colours!

My goldfish like to settle in the green weed and get warm in the sun. When they have finished wriggling to get comfortable, they all lie still. If the shadows move round, they find another sunny bit. The never argue or fuss over who gets to go in the middle. As they are good friends, they always share what they have got. Dino thinks they are practising waiting for a bus!






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