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  Yellow Teddy at a boot fair  Boot fair
I like to look for little treasures when I am out and about. If I got big treasures, I would not have room in the cupboard for them! I always take my 50p to the boot fair. I am not sure why people sell them, but maybe they want to buy more expensive treasures. The sellers are very glad to get their houses tidy of all the bits and pieces they don't want, and everyone goes home with something that they have been looking for, without spending too much.

Yellow Teddy with shoulder bag and 50p  Yellow Teddy's tissues  Yellow Teddy's pencil and pad
This is me with my 50p and shoulder bag. It has a side pocket for the money. In the main bag I always have my tissue, and a small pencil and notepad so I can write down good ideas that I get while I am looking at things. You must never let a good idea get lost!

Sometimes I arrange my treasures on a tray and Brown Teddy makes paintings of them. Because he is my best friend, I let him take stuff from my treasure boxes whenever he wants. Sometimes I get things that I know Brown Teddy will like, so really we share it all.

Yellow Teddy at computer screen with Colouring Book

Here are some of my favourite treasures. You can download a Colouring Book of them on my Colouring page and make some birthday cards without spending any money!

Bendy fish keyrings
The keyring fish are made in sections so they bend.

Dog asleep in basket
I have never seen him awake.

Sitting dog
I think this must be a Guide Dog in training, as he is patiently waiting for instructions.

Bird thimble
I had to spend several 50ps for this bird thimble. It is enamelled and is very small. I think it is a holiday souvenir. The gold coloured outlines are made of tiny strips of metal, like wire.

Red bird
This bird spent many years on the tree at Christmas, but now he lives in my room.

I was surprised that the person did not want this beautiful sparkly dolphin keyring any more.

Knitted seagull  Hastings seagull
Here is a knitted seagull. The person at the boot fair was sure someone would give him a good home and they were right. The knitter must have had a good look at a real seagull to get the right shape.

Glass fish with glass weeds
I keep this glass fish on some soft tissues.

Twisty marble  Pink glittery marble
I found the first marble while digging in the garden, it has a very delicate twisty pattern. The pink bits on the second are very glittery.

Blue swirly marble  Black spotty marble  Stripy marble
These are the best of my big marbles. When I am sorting them, I put them on a towel on a tray, so they do not roll around.

Indian Ocean shells
A friend brought these shells back from holiday. The 3 on the left are from The Maldives and the 4 on the right are from Dubai. I do not know how the hole got there!

Elephant lives in the Painting Cupboard in a little basket, as I expect he enjoys all the colours.

Glass heart
This is another souvenir that someone got tired of. I never get tired of coloured glass.

I like the owl's friendly face.

Stars hairband  Yellow Teddy dancing
I wear one rainbow hairband on each wrist when I dance round the room. One has stars on and one has butterflies.

Sparkly butterfly brooch
This sparkly brooch looks very lovely when I put it in the sunlight. Look at this real butterfly that landed in my garden!

Pipecleaner bird 1  Pipecleaner bird 2
The pipe-cleaner birds are very soft and we do not play with them very often.

Plastic bird
This bird was that was on top of a perfume bottle. I have tied very thin thread round him so he can fly. He is about 1.5 cm long.

Golden bird
This Christmas decoration was too good to put away in the box every year.

Wings hairbands
These hairbands have bits that look like little wings.

Bamboo box lid  Bamboo box
This bamboo box is very good for keeping smaller treasures in, like shells or beads. I think the plant may be a water lily or a lotus flower, and the birds are Chinese ducks. There is a flower missing near the top so I am having one drawn in for the colouring page.

Amber  Pieces of amber
My amber necklace is just the right colour for me. Lots of the bits are dark and lumpy, so it did not cost too many 50ps. There are about 3 bright bits though. I have looked very hard and there are definitely no trapped flies in the amber. Amber is pine tree sap that is very old and very hard. People find it on the beach in certain places.

Pyramid  Crystal with facets
The rainbow metallic paint on the bottom makes the colours.

These are Brown Teddy's favourite things to paint because he can use all his colours.

Here is a very small pendant with flower shapes under the glassy bit. The proper name is "millefiori" which means "thousand flowers."

Hen and chicks
I found this tiny hen and chicks in the mud while out walking. I got all the mud off with a toothbrush. The hen has her wing over the chicks.

These parrots are someone's holiday souvenirs from Mexico that they no longer wanted. They have a very good and loving home now.

Tiny cushions
These tiny cushions are about 4 centimetres across and it makes me feel good to look at them when I am tired. They look like a King and Queen's pillows.

I found this very tiny cottage lying on the ground amongst a lot of gravel. I would like to live here, but I would have to dig a fishpond for all my fish!

I hope you enjoyed looking at all my treasures!






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