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This is my Diary from January to April 2009. I have included 2 entries from December 2008, when I started my Diary.

5 December 2008

Yellow Teddy's Snow Bear painting 
I painted this because I wanted it to snow. You don't actually paint the Snow Bear but you paint the sky all round, and then do the face and bits. Someone might not have any snow, so the best thing to do is paint a Snow Bear card and send it to them.

(I know Yellow Teddy did this painting because I saw him holding the brush and pencils at the time. Brown Teddy signed it as well because he helped. LucyP)

Icicle on garden hose  Icicle on shed roof
I'm glad someone took a photo of this icicle at the end of the garden hose last year. The second one was taken in February 09 on the garden shed roof. The water drop didn't escape in time before the night frost came.

If you go back and measure an icicle, it will probably be longer or shorter. LucyP says they had whopping big icicles on the gutter at the old house long ago, but here we have loft insulation so we are not heating up the roof snow any more! They even used to have ice inside the window sills. Arghhh!! And guess what, once they even had piles of snow inside the loft that the wind had blown in through a hole. I like snow only when it is outside.

25 December 2008

My best and favourite Christmas tree. The lights keep changing so you can't really count them. I don't like to give up so I'm calling the number Tree-illion! When I look at the picture I can almost smell the hot mince pies. I always have vanilla soya yogurt on my mince pies.


3 February 09

Washing line peg with snowy tail
All the pegs on our washing line had long snowy tails. I was wondering why the snow did not fall off, but I think it is because of the air bubbles between the flakes, and the flakes all freezing together. I am guessing it's 200 flakes per peg. I thought maybe I could melt one and count the water drops but I don't want to lose the tails!

Robin in snowy branches
I have been helping to sort out the snow pictures. I like the robin in the snowy branches. He always sings when someone is in the garden, and then you know that he is there. You just have to turn round very very slowly and follow the twittering sounds. He got some crumbs so he is all right.

Snowy Robin Singing Movie
There was a robin singing in the tree, even though everything was covered in snow.

4 February 09

Pond ice marks
This is where the ducks swam through the snow that fell on their pond in the park. Then it froze solid and left these patterns.  The ice is like a photograph of what they did, so I am calling it an icy-graph.

7 February

Today it rained ice cubes on me. Yesterday's slushy snow on the trees froze in the night, and then today the wind blew the ice lumps out of the trees and down my neck. But I didn't let it stop me from enjoying my crunchy walk in the snow.

Robin singing under bush
This robin was sitting under the bush and singing, watching us moving around the garden, in case any insects were disturbed.


12 February

Yellow Teddy - swings at Rochester  Brown Teddy Rochester Castle
Day out at Rochester. Checking out the swings before going on to the Castle. Rochester Castle has a big wall all around it with grass in the middle.

  Yellow Teddy arrow slit  Yellow Teddy Rochester Castle  Climbing smooth stone 
This window in the surrounding wall has been filled in to make an arrow slit. The castle looks so tall when you are standing near to it. How did they get the stones to the top? It all looks very draughty and I prefer my warm room at home! There were some smooth stones near the car park which was ideal climbing practice for someone my size.

River safety signs  High Street postbox
Brown Teddy always reads instructions, especially when visiting rivers. It was high tide and we saw three swans on the river. This postbox in the High Street is much more fun than the ones at home! It started snowing on the way home.

16 February

Remains of snow
13 days after it fell, this snow is still here! It was a big pile when someone cleared the path, but now it is about 10 cm wide by 4 cm tall in the middle. I really think it should melt away now so that it can come back all fresh and white another time!

Bedtime update: all melted now. If the meltwater dries up, then falls as rain on a mountain, and gets down into the rocks, and gets bottled as mineral water, you may be drinking my garden snow one day!

17 February

Crocus in leaf hole
Brown Teddy is always looking round for plant treasures that are hiding somewhere, and here he has found a very determined crocus that has won a battle with a rotten old dead leaf. I am glad to say he took the leaf off.

19 February

Today we had the photo-shoot for my Colouring page. My painting table was surrounded by lights and tripods. I thought it would be difficult doing my painting in front of a camera, but it was really easy, because I enjoy it so much. Everybody sat on the bed waiting for their turn. I am going to bed early tonight so I can think up some new pictures.


24 February

Dino admiring screen
Dino has been very good lately, tidying up and helping to open envelopes with those claws of his. As a treat his picture is adorning my desktop for a while. He has moved his beanbag nearer the computer so he can lie and admire the screen.

1 March

Frogs and straw
We have made some islands of straw in a corner of the pond so that the fish do not eat the frogspawn. The frogs are so delighted they have been laying even more spawn and croaking all the time. But when someone goes past they all go quiet and dip under water. They soon come up again and I can get the camera in very close.

5 March

Update on Frogs Corner: spawn all has dots, which Brown Teddy and I shall be watching closely. There are no plants for the tadpoles to hide in yet, so I am hoping they will hide in the straw. Dino says the eggs are just like his marbles, only more interesting!


6 March

Yellow Teddy in car  Road works in Wilmington
We can't stay indoors when it's sunny so we went to Gravesend. I like to watch everything from the car window and if we pass something interesting, I make a note so that I can find out more about it. Sometimes I just take a photo to remind me. In Wilmington there was a long delay at the roadworks. I like to see things repaired so I didn't mind.

Pocahontas statue  Swan in park
Behind the shops at Gravesend is St George's Church where we found a statue of Princess Pocahontas who lived 400 years ago. In the park near the river we saw two swans preening. They are very big and they are quite used to people walking past.

Notice board Gravesend ferry 
As usual Brown Teddy read the notice board so that we knew what we were looking at. We saw the ferry come across from the other side. There are two ferries for when it is busy.

Gravesend jetty
The people on the jetty had been feeding the swans. I don't think I would like to go out on that jetty very much, it must be very slippery. The seagulls were finding lots of worms in the mud. The pigeons hang around to see what the visitors are eating.

8 March

Dino with giant beads
I found just the thing for Dino at the boot fair. Dino only counts to four and these giant beads are all in fours - 4 yellows, 4 blues, 4 greens, 4 wooden, and the reds are in 4, 2, 2 and 2. He always plays with his toys on his beanbag so that they don't roll off. He is so happy that he even forgot to ask when dinner was but he remembered eventually when he smelled the hot toast being made.


13 March

Yellow Teddy rock climbing  Brown Teddy rock climbing
We took a walk to the riverside garden in St Mary Cray. I found a good climbing rock. Brown Teddy got to the top before me. Unlike the one in Rochester, this rock has been put there by the Parks Department gardeners.

Ducks  Yellow Teddy and riverside daffodils
There were not a lot of ducks today. We will come back another time and see if there are more. I like to watch the wave patterns as they swim along. I saw lots of daffodils by the riverside all miniature, so just the right size for me. We did NOT go down the big grassy slope to the river because it is steep and slippery, but there are good views from the bridges.

16 March

Yellow Teddy's bead necklace
When I bought Dino his wooden beads last week, I wished I had some more. Well, I found some this week. The necklace is very long so it winds round three times. I have rethreaded it onto very thin elastic so that it is safer to wear and I kept all the colours in the same order. I think I will hang it up where I can see it, then we can enjoy it every day.

22 March

Tadpoles  Tadpoles gills
My tadpoles have all hatched and are in lots of clumps in the corner of the pond where it is shallow and warm. I have put some netting across to keep the fish away. In the close-up picture you can see their breathing gills. There are some baskets of irises in the other corner where they will be able to hide. They eat the green algae that grows on all the surfaces. When they start growing legs, it will be more difficult to get a photo because they will be in all the hiding places. Frogs are gardeners' friends because they eat flies and slugs.


23 March

Yellow Teddy's nestbox
We have made a new nestbox from a plank that was left over from repairing the bathroom floor. I marked out the wood and screwholes, and afterwards I checked all the screws were tight. The hole is just the right size for bluetits and there are five drainage holes in the base. We can unscrew the base to clean it out at the end of the year. I hope the birds come and use it soon. They will fill it right up with moss and the baby birds will be safe and warm near the bottom. Dino thought they needed furniture so I told him that they have moss instead. He says that their mossbag will be as good as his beanbag!

P.S. Never put a perch on, because it helps the big birds who try to poke around.

24 March

Yellow Teddy with pond vacuum pump
Our new pond vacuum pump was delivered today. It is for getting the sludge out of the bottom of the pond. It works by pulling the handle up and down, and the mud and water come out of the side piece and into the net. This will be a smelly job so I will just watch and take photos.

25 March

Robin on birdbath
This robin flew down to grab a worm just inches from the foot of the person with the camera. There are two robins in the garden so they must be nesting somewhere. I hope they are in the robin box under the yew bush at the end of the garden. But I can't go and check because that might frighten them away. I will have watch carefully and see which bush they keep flying into.


4 April

Pond pumper in action
Here is the pond pumper in action, and you can see the muddy water coming out into a bottomless long plastic bag that we attached. It was quite hard work but a good bit of mud was removed and the plants got a good watering. I zoomed in the camera from the far side of the pond and so I remained fresh as a daisy, unlike LucyP who had to spend quite a long time in the shower afterwards.

7 April

The tadpoles are quite big now. They are eating all the green stuff. You can see the water surface moving, as all the tadpoles wriggle around. I think the fish may be getting a few, because they keep sucking at the net that I have put round the tadpole corner. That is why frogs lay so many eggs.

10 April

Dandelion flower  Dandelion leaf
This lovely flower is a dandelion but it spreads too much to be a good garden plant. Dandelion is French for "Tooth of Lion" because of the leaves. I don't particularly want to meet any lions! Brown Teddy said that when he wants to do a painting of the sun, he copies a dandelion.

21 April

Tadpole update: growing bigger, and fewer. I think a lot have swum into the other corners and underneath plants. They are very difficult to see unless the sun is shining on them.


23 April

On the way to Maidstone  Snack time
Day out in Maidstone. Brown Teddy enjoys whizzing down the motorway. After shopping in Maidstone, and sharing our banana, we went round Mote Park.

Mote Park  A better view
Brown Teddy says all the big grassy fields means you can run and run and run. I thought I could run round for at least half an hour, but five minutes was enough for me. I climbed a little way up this tree branch to get a better view. I wanted to see how far we still had to go, so that we could decide how much to walk, and how much to get carried on the backpack.

Crossing bridge overflow  Bridge overflow  Bridge
At the top end of the park we crossed a bridge. The water was flowing over the little shallow bit, so everyone went across on their heels. Brown Teddy and I had no problems because we were on the backpack!

Spring  Molehill  Never Give Up tree
The muddy hole is a spring where water comes out of the ground and flows into the lake. We saw some molehills in the grass but the moles were probably asleep underground, missing all the lovely sunshine and blue sky!

This tree trunk was old and broken, but there were still new branches coming out. I think it was a very big tree before the top broke off. It's a "Never Give Up" flowering cherry tree and I will especially look out for it next time I am in Mote Park.



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